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Monday, January 4, 2021

When doubt, confusion, discomfort, disappointment or suffering arise on the path of yoga

Minds that are interested in practicing and realizing yoga, might experience certain discomfort or suffering, disappointment, confusion and doubt from time to time.

There's nothing wrong when the mind experiences great physical/mental/emotional discomfort or suffering, disappointment, or doubt and confusion from time to time due to the intense gross and subtle mind purification process. It doesn't mean that one has not practicing correctly, or one is not heading towards the right direction towards the realization of yoga.

It's whether the minds are endowed with the basic correct understanding towards the modification of the mind, and whether the minds have developed certain degrees of dispassion, non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving, non-aversion, non-judgment, non-comparison and non-expectation, or not, that influencing whether the minds will keep going, or give up, or take a break. There's neither right nor wrong in any approach.

The paths are many, not just the different path of different lineage, but everyone is actually walking their very own path, alone by themselves, as they follow the path of any particular lineage.

All are heading towards yoga, unless the path is not about realizing universal non-discriminative unconditional birthless deathless infinite peace of selflessness, oneness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness.

May it be it's a rather smooth path or a challenging path, a shorter path or a longer path, or even a seemingly infinite restless path that never come to an end, or keep looping on and on, but even so, any path will come to an end, or vanish, upon the annihilation of the mind born out of ignorance, as the Gurus and Buddhas in the past had claimed that anyone can attain liberation, and be free from restlessness, or the loop of restless births and deaths born out of ignorance, as taught in the Scriptures, and hence, the practice is there to lead the aspirants reaching the Self-realization of selflessness, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness, upon the annihilation of ignorance.

The smoothness and the length of the path, is very much influenced by the degrees of ignorance, and the process that it takes towards the complete annihilation of ignorance.

Everyone is walking on their own path, alone, as they start walking.

Everyone might or might not cross path with the others at some stage.

Even when one thinks that it is walking on one particular path together with a partner or with a group of many others following the similar path, everyone evolves at their own pace and cause. Some move faster, some move slower, some stop, some take another path, and so on. Even when one thinks that it is carrying another one walking on the path, in one's pace, each will also evolve at their own cause.

Not every disciple of the same Guru of the same lineage will be successfully attain the same realization as the Guru did, or attain the same realization at the same pace and same cause as the Guru did.

No matter how much obstacle, difficulties and challenges that one encounters along the path, and how long the path will take to reach the destination, or how much goodness, joyfulness, thankfulness and meaningfulness that one experiences along the path, whatever happens along the path, it's all subject to impermanence. Everything is still the manifestation of Maya, or ignorance.

If there's passion, attachment, identification, craving, aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation, then the path would appear to be infinite and never reaching the destination.

The higher of the degrees of passion, attachment, identification, craving, aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation, the further the destination appears to be.

The lower of the degrees of passion, attachment, identification, craving, aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation, the closer the destination appears to be.

And the degrees of those defilement might change from time to time, until all are eliminated and the path comes to an end as one arrives at the destination upon the complete annihilation of ignorance.

The path of yoga is not like a road in this world that has a particular shape and length of fixed mileage or km from where one begins moving towards the destination. This path of yoga is always here, as it is, in the present moment where the mind is and how the state of the mind is. One just keeps walking (practicing) until the destination appears as it is (The realization of the truth of selflessness, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness, formlessness, birthlessness, deathlessness.) There isn't a path of any particular shape and length in front of where one is, and there isn't a path of a particular shape and length from where one had started until where one is. It is always in the present where one is and how one is.

There's no specific 'direction' of a specific 'place' to reach yoga. One is not going anywhere of any particular direction to find yoga at any particular place somewhere else on the path of yoga. Yoga is always right here, right now, where the mind is. It's just whether the veil of ignorance is present or absent, that determines whether the mind realizes or doesn't realize. How long one has been walking on the path, and whatever one experiences along the path, doesn't determine the realization or non-realization of yoga, but the moment the veil of ignorance vanishes, yoga appears as it is, and it's never separated from all and everything.

The path manifests as it is as one starts walking (as one starts practicing), the path vanishes as the destination appears (as one attains Self-realization). All kinds of practice vanishes upon the attainment of Self-realization. There is no path being manifested if one doesn't practice or stops practice. The path manifests as it is as one begins practice, or resumes practice.

Inquire the truth of everything, and be free.

Keep practicing.

Alone you have to fly to the Alone. You are born alone. You will go alone. You will take nothing from this world. O man! your social relationships are only temporary. They are only aids in exhausting certain Karmas, nothing but these.
  - Swami Sivananda, Essence of Vedanta

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