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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Transcending difficulties by understanding, non-attachment and desirelessness

Transcending existing difficulties won't change the difficulties into something else, and won't make the difficulties become less or disappear. But through understanding and non-attachment, one is not being determined by the difficulties. The difficulties are just being what they are. They arise, change and pass away as they are, at their own cause.

Just as knowing the truth of things won't change the things being what they are.

The direct experience of different types of difficulties allows the mind to understand towards the many types of suffering that different minds might go through.

Many people believe in and propagate 'the law of attraction or desire', "Don't think of negative things and there will be no negative things come into your life, or, only thinking about positive things and there will be only positive things come into your life."

That's their freedom of thinking and desire. It's not the practice of Yoga or Buddhism.

The teachings of Yoga and Buddhism teach about the law of nature, the law of cause and effect, the truth of selflessness and impermanence, the relationship between ignorance and suffering, and the practice of non-attachment and desirelessness of non-craving and non-aversion as the path of liberation.

Transcend the thinking mind. Transcend all the names and forms. Transcend the world of ignorance and egoism. Transcend birth and death. Transcend all kinds of dualities. Everything is just what they are. They are neither positive nor negative. Need not pushing away or craving for this or that. Allowing everything being what they are, as they are, and all are selfless and impermanent.

Suffering arise upon the presence of attachment and desire. Free from attachment and desire, there's no suffering.

All kinds of fear exist following attachment and desire. Free from attachment and desire, fear doesn't exist.

Freedom from fear is liberation, is freedom, is peace.

Be free.

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