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Sunday, September 3, 2023


Under the absence of the idea of 'I', there's no attachment or identification towards the act of generosity, or the idea of "I am being generous."

There's no expectation towards others who received one's act of generosity to be appreciative and grateful, or showing gratitude.

There's no separateness between the performer of action (The one that is being generous) and the action of generosity.

Some minds are performing the action of generosity under certain intention of 'compensation towards guilt and regret for certain damaging and hurtful behavior', or 'to be receiving acknowledgment and recognition, praise and compliment, liking and support', which is also nothing to do with the selfless intentionless act of generosity.

It's the same as any kind of selfless actions under the absence of the idea of 'I'.

Selflessness is not about unselfishness. It is beyond unselfishness.

There's no attachment or identification of, "I am unselfish," and "I am performing unselfish actions."

There's no expectation of, "Some others are benefited from my unselfishness," and "Some others should be appreciative and grateful, and showing gratitude."

There's no idea of 'I' existing to be practicing non-attachment, or non-identification, or non-expectation of, "I am not attaching and not identifying towards my selfless actions," and "I am not expecting anything from anyone for my selfless actions."

While coming from others who have received the generosity from someone, recognizing such act as a form of generosity, and showing gratitude towards such generosity, that is everyone's freedom of action and reaction.

It's only when there is still the idea of 'I' and egoism occupying the mind, then this selfless mind needs to be eradicating the idea of 'I' and egoism from itself.

Inquire the truth of everything, and be free.

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