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Monday, January 4, 2021

Everyone evolves and understands at their own pace

There's nothing to be arguing about towards the different understanding from different minds towards life existence and all the teachings and practices that we could be learning from reading, hearing and experiencing. As even what our own mind understands would be changing or evolving from time to time. It's a continuous learning and evolving process until the mind realizes the truth of impermanence and selflessness.

Everyone takes their own time to evolve and understand everything differently through different stages of practice and purification process.

It doesn't mean that we understood wrongly, even though what we understood differently on different stages wasn't completely the truth as it is before we attain the complete realization.

For the minds that have intense yearning to be free from ignorance, to realize the truth of names and forms, it might understand something differently on different stages, as one practice persistently without judgment or expectation as layer and layer of the veil of ignorance and impurities is being removed through the purification process.

It's like the eye sight. When the vision are extremely weak, the eyes are almost blind, the eyes couldn't see anything at all regardless of near and far. 

If we never initiate to improve the vision by getting certain treatment or correction, then we will never see anything at all.

If we are being initiative to improve the vision by getting certain treatment or correction, then the vision can have the opportunity to become stronger after receiving certain treatment or correction. The eyes might start to see certain shape and colour of the object in front of it that are close enough and not too far, although it might not see exactly the shape and colour of the object as it is yet, but at least it sees there's something in front of it with certain shape and colour rather blurry. If one is being contented at this stage, and doesn't continue to receive further treatment or correction to improve the vision further, then it will never see the exact shape and colour of any object, and it doesn't see what is beyond what the limited vision can reach.

If the vision gets to be receiving continuous treatment or correction until the eyesight reaches perfect clear vision, then the eyes might get to see things as clear as it can see, near and far.

During the different stages of treatment and correction, the eyes see the same object differently under different degrees of vision on the different stages, and start to see objects further and further away, until the moment it starts to see the exact shape and colour of the object as it is and can see as far as the vision can reach, upon the vision is being corrected to as perfect as it can be.

We might not see the complete truth in the beginning, but as we practice, we could attain partial understanding towards the modification of the mind, or getting a glimpse of the outline of the function of the mind, through the process of removing the different layers of impurities and calming the thought current, even though it might not be as clear as what we should be seeing when the mind is completely cleared from the veil of ignorance and impurities and restlessness, but that persistent practice, purification and inquiry, allows the mind to keep inquiring towards the truth until the veil of ignorance and impurities and restlessness is completely annihilated.

And hence, there's nothing wrong with all the different understanding throughout the entire prolong process of self-transformation or mind evolution, but at least, there's persistent practice to keep purifying, disciplining and quieting the mind, to free the mind from ignorance, egoism and impurities, until it attains Self-realization, knowing Thyself.

And hence, writing a 'Sadhana' diary can also help the yoga practitioners to learn about the modification and evolution of one's mind as they practice. It's not about attaching towards the past or towards one's practice and the fruit of practice, but, it allows the mind to learn from itself by observing and studying the conditioned behavior pattern of the impure egoistic modification of the mind and through attaining all kinds of partial incomplete understanding from different stages.

The mind would see that all the partial incomplete understanding in the past is actually building up the path and leading the mind towards complete realization. There isn't anything bad or wrong in those partial incomplete understanding at all. More importantly, the continuous practice of non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving, non-aversion, non-judgment, non-comparison and non-expectation will free the mind from the great obstacle of pride and false contentment that hinders most minds from continuing evolve towards the realization of selflessness, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness.

It's like seeing just the shadow of an object allows the mind to be aware of the presence of an object that is unknown to it, as it couldn't see the object directly yet due to some obstacle, but the mind will continue to strive to remove or go beyond the obstacle to see the object as it is, and not just seeing the shadow of the object. Most minds can't see anything due to the huge obstacle of deep ignorance, and are not initiated to make an effort to find out what is behind the obstacle, or to know the unknown, and even being fearful towards what is behind the obstacle, or knowing the unknown.

Without blind-believing, blind-following, blind-practicing, or blind-propagating any teachings and practice, but attaining direct experience and realization through inquiry towards the truth of everything, including all the teachings and practice of Yoga or Buddhism.

Be free.

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