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Saturday, October 23, 2010

We all are looking for happiness, where to find it?

Somehow, we all are looking for happiness.

All our actions start with the motive want to attain happiness through these actions.

It is very natural that we don't like unhappiness or unpleasant sensations and feelings, and want to be happy.

We like to do good and be nice to other people because by doing good, be nice to other people, helping others can give us a good feeling about ourselves, and feel happy.

Even though some people choose to hurt themselves or hurt other beings to give them some kind of sensations to feel good and happy, it is not right but it is still out of looking for pleasant feelings and sensations.

Take a look back into our past experiences. Whatever we did or did not do, was based on whether we could attain happiness and avoid unhappiness.

That is what we say, craving for happiness and rejecting unhappiness. We are full of tensions and dissatisfaction because of this craving and aversion.

There is nothing wrong with having unpleasant feelings so called "bad" and "negative" feelings, such like anger, jealousy, anxiety, fear, worry, disappointment and etc...

Stop seeing these so called "bad" and "negative" feelings as something not good. They all are just like all other so called positive, good and happy feelings, which is something very normal, and they all are impermanent, they don't belong to us, and they are not us.

We don't have to push away these unpleasant feelings nor suppressing them.

It is when we crave for pleasant feelings and reject unpleasant feelings, that is what making us unhappy and discontented all the time, no matter how good our life is, how success we are, able to do whatever we like and want to do, and are having all the things that we want to have.

When we are not able to do the things that we like to do or want to do (actions that give us good and happy feelings), we will be unhappy and frustrated. When we are doing the things that we don't like to do or don't want to do (actions that won't give us good and happy feelings), we will be unhappy and frustrated...

Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, irritation, frustration, fear, worry, greed and jealousy are all derive from craving and aversion. It is due to the craving and aversion is not being gratified. And it can never be satisfied, unless we start to let go of this craving and aversion.

Happiness and peacefulness is here, at this very moment if we stop rejecting unhappiness, and stop looking for happiness. Allowing unpleasant feelings to arise and pass away. Allowing ourselves to express any unpleasant feelings in an open manner just like we would dance, sing, smile and laugh when we feel pleasant feelings.

The point is we should know how to express these unpleasant feelings in a positive way and not causing more tensions in us or in other people who are directly or indirectly being affected by our emotions.

Being aware of all the unpleasant feelings and observe the breath, not associating with these unpleasant feelings, no need to generate aversion towards them, and very soon these unpleasant feelings will become weak and disappear.

It is only when we attached strongly to these unpleasant feelings and don't want to let them go, and keep holding on to them, that will prolong the duration of these unpleasant feelings and be disturbed for a long time. It's because we keep feeding these disturbed feelings with more energy. It's like keep adding fuel to the lamp.

We were being told that we should not express any unpleasant feelings, don't shout, don't cry, don't be like this, don't be like that, and this is what making us so depressed and having so much tensions in our conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

If we feel like shouting, then shout... It will relieve the agitated energy and make us feel better, but there are some consequences that will arise if our actions can cause some other people physical, mental and emotional disturbance. What we can do is, divert this imbalanced energy into something constructive and productive.

Instead of saying words and doing things that will cause destruction and more unhappiness for ourselves and other people, we can divert this agitated imbalance energy into doing something that will bring goodness to ourselves and to other people. Such like perform selfless service. Go and empty the rubbish bin, wash the dishes, clean the house, wash some laundry, help the old and sick people, sing out loud some light and cheerful songs, do some physical exercises, or do some chanting or meditate upon God or compassion, instead of breaking things, causing damages, saying harsh words hurting people mentally and emotionally, or hurting other people physically...

If we try to ignore these unpleasant feelings, and pretend that we are okay and there is no need of express this agitated energy someway, we are suppressing this disturbed energy into our system. This energy will be accumulated and turn into heavy tensions which will manifest as energy blockage in our body and mind which will cause mental and physical tensions and illnesses.

The best way is to channel this energy into doing something good and constructive for ourselves and others.

May all be happy by letting go of craving for happiness and aversion towards unhappiness, and not ignoring nor suppressing the unpleasant feelings, and channeling them into great constructive energy.

"Positive" or "negative" feelings, they both are active energy. They both can be creative or destructive. It is all up to us how we want to use it or let it passed away without craving or aversion.

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