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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patience, Perseverance & Cheerfulness - Basic Yoga Practice

Most of us will either be angry with ourselves or with "God" when we encounter difficult situations in life or encounter sickness and injury in the physical body... There is nothing wrong with being angry when things turn out not the way that we want it to be... It is very normal to feel frustrated.

We will blame ourselves or criticize ourselves for being weak and helpless or being unfortunate or being sinful, and give ourselves all these reasons how come our life is in bad condition, and why our body is sick and is in painful suffering...

Or we will be angry with someone else, trying to blame somebody for the cause of the difficult moments in our life...

The point is, being optimistic, patient, persevere and cheerful, undisturbed or unaffected by all conditions, are the basic practice of yoga. If we are full of negative thinking, being impatient and depressed most of the time, easily giving up and being disturbed and affected by all the conditions, then what is the point of all our "yoga practice" that contains asana, pranayama and meditation?

We don't have to judge or criticize ourselves or anybody for whatever is happening to us in our life. It's because by doing so, it won't change the fact of the reality that we have been through and are going through. But it will create more negative energy into our system and into the surrounding people and environment that are connected with us in our life existence. This won't help to solve any problems nor make our problems disappear.

If we want to realize yoga, we need to have great patience, perseverance and cheerfulness to go beyond or to transcend all kinds of physical and mental agony and other obstacles or difficulties in life.

Having a weak or sick physical body cannot stop a person who is endowed with patience, perseverance and cheerfulness from being happy nor can it stop a person from attaining yoga in them.

But if we have no patience, perseverance or cheerfulness, then it will be very difficult for us to go beyond all the attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion that are constantly happening in our mind. And hence, it is difficult for us to be cheerful when things went wrong, or it's difficult to attain yoga even though our physical body is very strong and healthy and is performing all kinds of yoga practices for a long time, but without the real enforcement of the yoga philosophy about non-attachment, non-identification, non-reaction, non-dualism, namelessness and formlessness...

People like to ask about how long we have been practicing yoga. This is a common question that people like to ask, either the teacher will ask the students, or the students will ask the teacher.

The truth is, whether we will realize yoga or not, it has got nothing to do with how long we have been "practicing" yoga. Time and duration is really not the factor that will determine how much we understand about yoga or what level of consciouness that we have attained.

A person can be practicing "yoga" for many years but is still attached strongly to the body and the mind, and the mind might still be full of impurities, attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion, and is unhappy and unpeaceful, being disturbed and affected by the condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind. This person may call himself a "yogi" but is not really a yogi at all.

A person can be never practice any "yoga", didn't know anything about yoga practice, but still can be free from impurities, attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion, and is happy and peaceful, not being disturbed or affected by the condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind. This person is truly a yogi...

Yoga is here at this very moment if we can let go of any attachment without craving and aversion at this instant moment...

Be prepared to let go of the selfish ego and be very open minded to receive the knowledge that will lead us to our inner peace, love, compassion and wisdom...

"A person may know how to be happy and is full of love, but he cannot make others happy nor can he gives anyone love"... If this can be done, then in truth, this world should have no unhappiness and hatred at all, but why are there so many people are not happy and full of hatred?

If a person says to somebody, "I want to make you very happy and I will give you lots of love", but this doesn't mean that the other person will be happy and will have lots of love, and is free from unhappiness and hatred... That's why lots of love relationship didn't work out very well.

True love and true happiness is coming from within ourselves... Love and happiness that come from the outside condition springs from craving and clinging for things that the mind likes and wants, and is subject to changes and impermanence...

Everyone must realize this love and happiness that is within ourselves by our own self...

May all realize this and be free from all conditions.

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