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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching or sharing yoga as the channel or instrument for the universal consciousness to act in the world...

When there is still an identification identifying with the body and mind as 'I', when the thinking mind still has the sense of separateness, still has not attained great faith and complete confidence in the teachings of yoga/buddhism and in the Self (the nature/essence of everything), and is still struggling under the influence of egoism, impurities, doubts, fear, worry, craving, aversion, attachment, hurt, resentment and unhappiness, then we need to take refuge in something that is greater, or wiser, or purer than us, such like 'God consciousness', or the universal consciousness, or Guru, to help us and guide us through the path towards self-realization.

Anyone also can share and teach yoga to anybody even if we are not completely be free from ignorance and impurities yet.

When we are still under the influence of ignorance and impurities, but we are learning and practicing yoga, while at the same time we have the opportunity to share yoga with other people, then we need to depend on the grace of 'God consciousness', or universal consciousness, or Guru, to guide us and support us in our own practice and in the action of sharing yoga with other people. It's a useful psychological trick coming from the mind tricking itself. Such as thinking positively can help the mind to come out from negative thinking, even if all and everything is neither positive nor negative.

Then this action of giving and sharing yoga, or teaching yoga, we can say that it is coming from 'God consciousness', or the universal consciousness, or the Guru. This body and mind is just the channel or the instrument for 'God consciousness', or universal consciousness, or Guru to act in the world.

But, when the mind is free from the idea of 'I', or has attained self-realization towards selflessness, and has gone beyond all kinds of impurities and transcended duality that generates the sense of separateness, then there is no 'God consciousness', no universal consciousness, no Guru, no Dhamma, no teachings, no I, no act of giving and sharing, no act of teaching and learning, no act of giving and receiving, no pure and impure. Everything is just being what it is.

There’s no more separateness between 'God consciousness'/universal consciousness/Guru/Dhamma and the practitioner, between the teacher and the student, between pure and impure.

The mind that shares and teaches yoga, is no longer the channel or the instrument of 'God consciousness', but is one with 'God consciousness'/universal consciousness/Guru/Dhamma/the teachings/the one same nature of all kinds of names and forms - Selflessness and impermanence.

The nature of all and everything is identical with the Self.
All and everything is not separated or distinct from the attributeless, nameless, formless, selfless Self.

The gift of dharma, or the sharing of the knowledge of the Self, is beyond all the desirable, agreeable, enjoyable, good and nice things that are available in the world of names and forms that are impermanent.

Before we can go beyond all the names and forms, and attain the direct realization towards selflessness, attributelessness, namelessness, and formlessness, we allow ourselves and everyone to enjoy and appreciate all the good and nice things that are available in the present moment in the world, but without clinging, and craving (greed). There's no suffering arise in the mind, when all the good and nice things changed, and/or are no longer available.

May all be happy.

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