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Friday, October 15, 2010

Keep smiling and be grateful even though life is not easy for us...

Some people may think that when a person is always smiling and cheerful, it must be because his life is very "good", there's no obstacles, difficulties or undesirable happenings in his life, everything is just what he likes and how he wants it to be. But in truth, no body's life can be free from the law of impermanence which gives rise to all suffering due to selfless impermanent changes, but we still can be grateful and thankful for all the good things that we had before and what we have now.

Everyone has to go through impermanence, fear, worry, disappointment and dissatisfaction, as well as discomfort, pain, weakening, decaying and death upon this physical body, regardless of whether we are rich or poor, knowledgeable or not knowledgeable, healthy and fit or not, happy or not, having good behavior or not, speaking certain language fluently or not, intelligent and hardworking or not, and having whatever we want in our life or not.

Some people might want to know how come I can still be smiling, cheerful and grateful when my mother had passed away, my father is sick and paralyzed, and my entire family has financial and health problems, my siblings have lots of resentment about life and responsibility, the world has so much problems, our living environment has problems, my close friends also had their own personal problems, many people that I come across are suffering from restlessness, anxiety and depression, and people here and there also have their own different problems?

But, whose family has no problems at all? Whose family and friends had never lost somebody that they loved and closed to? Who has never been sick or unhappy in life? Who has never encounter any discomfortable situations or difficult moments in this life existence?

Some people think that why should some people be happy when there are so many other people in the world are depressed.

Why not?

My life also encountered many different kinds of problems and difficulties before. On and off, there will always be some kinds of difficult moments may arise here and there. But I never see all these happenings as "problems". I don't have "problems", why do I need to be unhappy?

About other people's problems and unhappiness, I would be compassionate towards all of them, but I don't need to be unhappy and depressed for someone else's "problems and unhappiness", how could I? I could try my best to help them to come out from suffering and unhappiness if possible. But if these people don't want to help themselves, or don't want to come out from miseries, and are enjoying being upset, unhappy and depressed, then there is nothing much that I can do about it. Everyone is a free person to live their live the way that they want it to be, the way that they are comfortable with, and do whatever they want to do with their body and mind. I cannot stop anyone from damaging his own life even if he is the dearest person to me in my life. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own self.

Who said that we cannot be cheerful and smiling when we encounter different kinds of difficulties or problems in our life? And why do we want to make small little problems into huge problems? Why don't we make big problems into small problems, and make small problems into no problems? Undesirable happenings are always happening whether we like it or not, but why do we want to see everything as a problem and be disturbed by it?

Who said that when our body is sick, or when our family and friends are sick, we should be moaning and is not appropriate to smile and be cheerful? Cheerfulness is the best natural medicine to cure any physical and mental sickness. Even if our body is so sick that it cannot be cured, we still can be cheerful and enjoy the very last moments of our life and live meaningfully, as it is.

Who said that everyone should become depressed since the world is so depressing?

Who said that we cannot enjoy life when there are unhappiness and suffering everywhere?

Being depressed about things that are depressing is not going to help to ease depression nor can it make the depression go away.

Being unhappy and worry for undesirable happenings cannot help things to improve or help the situation to get better, nor can it make undesirable happenings disappear or not to be happening at all.

Why do we want to waste energy and time into being upset, unhappy, moaning, fear and worry, while we can turn these energy into something constructive and productive that can help to make some positive changes if possible, and to accept the reality as it is if changes are not possible, and let it go?

When true compassion present, there is no unhappiness or depression, no craving or aversion, no attachment or expectation, no disappointment or dissatisfaction, and no fear and worry, but only unconditional love and wisdom to perform actions that can be done for the well-being of all and everything, for ourselves and for others.

If we haven't realized compassion, then we need to have forgiveness and forbearance to accommodate ourselves and other people for being imperfect.

If there is no attachment, there is no need of letting go. We need to let go of "something" only if we had attachment towards something.

Non-attachment will lead us to become undisturbed or unaffected by all the selfless impermanent conditions of names and forms in the world, but that doesn't mean that we are feelingless, loveless, cold-hearted, or cruel.

Having mental and emotional resentment towards the law of impermanence and the law of cause and effect will not help anyone to feel better, or to be free from the law of nature.

The existence of this selfless physical body and the selfless thinking mind is an inevitable truth of the suffering from restlessness under the law of impermanence. We are creating suffering for ourselves if we cannot let go of things and human relationships when impermanence strikes.

It is okay and nothing wrong to feel sad, to cry, and to show respect towards the dead and the sick, but there is no need to create extra suffering onto the existing suffering.

When suffering arise, we observe, be aware, and let it go.

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