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Friday, October 22, 2010

Being "somebody" with such and such qualities and accomplishments is not the cause for our happiness or unhappiness

Being a "yogi", "yoga teacher", "yoga practitioner", "yoga disciple", "vegetarian", "world saver", "successful person", "beautiful person", "wealthy person", "good person", "buddhist", "enlightened being", or "anything" that we can name ourselves with, is not the cause for our happiness or unhappiness.

All these "being somebody" is not a guarantee that we will be happy and be free from unhappiness.

Being a "good person" is not the cause of happiness. So many good people out there are not necessary are happy and free from unhappiness.

It is when we let go of trying to become "somebody" and let go of the identification as being that "somebody", that will free us from the condition of names and forms, free us from the effect of impermanence, free us from attachment, clinging, craving, aversion, doubt, fear and worry. And due to this state of being free from all the conditions and limitations, we are free from duality of good and bad, positive and negative, happy and unhappy.

When we are free from all these conditions that are subject to changes or impermanence, we will be free from tensions that arise due to fear and worry. And thus, we will be happy always disregard what is the present condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind.

This is truly liberation. Be free from suffering.

Liberation doesn't mean that we can control our body and mind to be exactly what we like them to be...

It doesn't mean that this physical body and the mind will follow all our wishes and orders, and achieved immortality for this physical body.

This body will still be subjected to impermanence, limitation and condition (such like pain, injury, illness, weakness, decaying and old age) and sooner or later this body will stop functioning (death and decomposition take place).

Look at all the wise beings, enlightened beings, saints and sages in the past. Whose body live forever, be young and fit forever, be strong and healthy forever, and had not experienced pain, injury, illness, weakness, decaying and death?

But they were free from unhappiness and "suffering". They were free from the limitations and conditions that are subject to impermanence. They were free from the conditions of the body and the mind. They were free from fear and worry that derive from impurities. They were free from attachment, craving and aversion that come from greed and dissatisfaction. They were free from doubts that come from ignorance. They were free from the duality of names and forms that comes from the mind itself.

A liberated being doesn't see or perceive this worldly life existence as something suffering or not good.

A liberated being who is free from duality, doesn't need to getaway from "suffering" because there is no suffering.

Why waste so much energy and effort in trying to prove to the world that we are "somebody"?

We are who we are. All the names and forms are just something temporary that we are carrying with us due to our responsibility in this world, and all these names and forms are subject to impermanence, they do not belong to us, and they are not us. If we know this, we don't need any recognition or acknowledgment from the world nor need to prove to anybody including our own self.

It is the ego trying to prove to itself or to the world about "something" that is "making" it feels good about itself.

Once we know who we really are, and have love, peace, compassion and wisdom, we will not be affected or disturbed by all the names and forms, limitations and conditions that are subject to impermanence and the truth about all these things are non-self.

Be free and be happy, not because of being "somebody" with such and such qualities and accomplishments...

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