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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yoga Is Not For Sale

Yoga is not a competitive money making business. It cannot be sold or be bought by anybody. It is within every beings whether we know about it or recognize it or not. It can only be experienced and be shared. It is not something to be trade about.

Yoga cannot be given or sold by someone to us, but it is by knowing our Self and return to our true nature or our original state of pure consciousness.

There is nothing bad about using yoga exercises to make it into a commercial money making business. At least many people especially people who are not interested in spirituality are being exposed to yoga even though it is just for the physical and mental level. It is better than taking drugs to feel good and to relax.

There is nothing wrong about doing a business making some money for living. Money is not evil. But yoga is not something to be exchanged with money. It is priceless and yet it is the most precious thing that we all are having in our hearts.

The teachers are just there to show us the path, guide us in the practice and help us to “see” our Self. We all need to realize it in us by ourselves. There is nothing wrong also if we want to show appreciation to our teachers’ compassionate acts, by provide food or a place to stay or some money for our teachers to get food and a place to stay for living. And so, our teachers can have a place to live in and continue to evolve and to share with others.

“Good” people, “bad” people, rich people, poor people, educated people, non-educated people, healthy people, sick people, wise people, ignorant people, happy people, unhappy people, and all other non-human beings, everyone is having yoga in their hearts. Everyone can attain yoga and return to our true nature – unlimited and unconditioned true happiness.

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