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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peace Is Everything

Without peacefulness, everything in the world doesn't bring us any meanings or satisfaction.

Peacefulness derives from non-attachment towards all the names and forms. If we know what is non-attachment, it doesn't matter if we have lots of things and possession in life or don't have anything at all, peacefulness is here in our hearts.

It doesn't matter if we practice yoga asana for a few hours a day everyday, study a lot of philosophies, do chanting and prayers, perform rituals and do a lot of charity works, we will not be at peace if we do not know non-attachment, namelessness and formlessness.

Without peacefulness, all the money, possession, knowledge, good health and long life that we can have cannot give us any fruitful meanings but only momentary pleasure and satisfaction. Once impermanence strikes, we will find ourselves caught up in dissatisfaction, meaninglessness and unhappiness.

We don't need somebody there to tell us this and that, or ask us to do this and that, because it won't change anything nor will take away our suffering nor will lead us to enlightenment if we don't know what is non-attachment and are not at peace.

If we know non-attachment and keep practicing it in our heart from moment to moment, letting go of the past and the future, letting go of all the judgments, comparisons and expectations, not attached to all the happenings in the world and within our body and in the mind, then very soon, we will be at peace, even though there is nobody there to guide us, to encourage us, to tell us what we should do and shouldn't do.

If we are at peace, we will be connected with our true nature which is love, peace, compassion and wisdom. With this connection, we became our own teacher and guide. We can move on in the path of self-realization with greater energy, firmness and equanimity.

There are no more dissatisfaction or complains if we are endowed with love, peace, compassion and wisdom.

Everything is dharma. Everything is impermanence. Everything is our teacher. Even "this" will pass away. When we don't even hold on to "this", peace will never fade away. Having peace, everything will become meaningful.

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