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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking For A Teacher Or A Guru?

Everyone must know how to love ourselves and help ourselves before we can find a teacher or a guru.

If we keep looking for love and attention from the outside and waiting for somebody to come to clear up the “rubbish” in our hearts, then for the entire life time, we won’t “see” a teacher or a guru anywhere even though all the teachers or gurus are everywhere.

If we don’t want to let go of the attachments towards the ignorance in ourselves, we will not “see” the teacher or the guru even though this teacher or this guru is already there beside us all the time.

If we are still so proud and arrogant about what we think we “know”, we will not receive any more knowledge or wisdom even though the teacher or the guru is always there giving us all the knowledge or wisdom that we need to know.

No need to look out. Look within. We will “see” everything is our teacher or our guru, including our own self and the things that we dislike most.

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