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Monday, March 29, 2010

Enjoy The World But Free From Clinging And Craving

The world is not a bad thing nor a good thing. It is not a happy place nor a suffering place. It is just being what it is. The world is subject to impermanence. If we have resistance towards impermanence, if we are not happy with what is happening in the world, we will be very uncomfortable and unpeaceful being in the world. The world is manifested from the mind. When the mind stops, the world vanishes.

We are being in the world. We want to be able to be at peace while being in the world. Running away from the world won’t stop the mind. And thus we will still be unpeaceful due to the restlessness and dissatisfaction of the mind even though we are away from the world, away from everything. We can close our eyes and ears, not seeing anything and not hearing anything, we can sit still not moving the body, not doing anything, not going anywhere, but the mind is still unceasingly moving, constructing, scheming, imagining and acting. We can runaway from the world but we cannot runaway from our mind. It is the mind giving us all the dissatisfaction, irritation, frustration, disappointment, fear, worry, restlessness, disturbance, affliction, depression, aggression, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, arrogance and all types of experiences. It is not the world causing us unhappiness or make us suffer. It is our own mind. The problem is not with the world but it is with our mind.

In order to be free from all these affliction, we need to know how to purify our mind and not attach to the mind. By not attaching to the mind, naturally we will not be attaching to the world even though we are in the world and are enjoying the world.

We can enjoy the world but not attaching to what we enjoy. That is without clinging and craving. Nor do we rejecting or resisting the things that we don’t enjoy.

Purification is very important for us to transcend the world. Having all the impurities in the mind, we are being affected and influenced by all these impurities unwittingly. We act and react according to these impurities – irritation, frustration, disappointment, fear, worry, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, arrogance, depression, aggression etc…

These are the places where we practice non-attachment and letting go. Through non-attachment and letting go, we are purifying the impurities eventually. The impurities will become lesser and weaker, and will have no power to influence us anymore when we stop react towards all these impurities.

We remain equanomous undisturbed by the impurities that sprung up in the mind. The mind will be calm and clear. With a calm and clear mind, we will have no problem even though we are in the mist of disturbance in the world.

We need to know how to give up all the clingings and cravings before we can really enjoy the world. If we enjoy the world with our clinging and craving to the enjoyments, it is not really “enjoyment” anymore because it will be mixed with fear, worry, expectation, greed, envy or jealousy, lustful desire, dissatisfaction and disappointment.

There is nothing wrong with enjoyment. It is the clinging and craving that is causing the affliction. If we don’t know how to stay detached from it, we will be in unhappiness and suffering, that’s all. It will be so meaningless and depressing if we cannot enjoy our lives while being in the world for our entire lifetime. If everything is colour-less, sound-less, smell-less, taste-less, feel-less, it will be so dulled. Imagine if we cannot enjoy the taste of the food anymore, or if we have extreme pain in the mouth or in the throat or in the stomach everytime when we eat, or we have pain in the lungs when we breathe, or if we have difficulties to pee or shit. If we cannot enjoy comfortably all these basic things that we have to do everyday for the maintainence of life, then what is the meaning of enjoying other things that are not essential to the survival of our physical body.

And so we should be grateful while we still can enjoy looking, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, moving, breathing, digesting, peeing, shitting, walking, running, jumping and etc. As well as be thankful for the incredible function of the mind. But let us enjoy the world without the greed, clingings and cravings. Enjoy everything with gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness and contentment. And not harming ourselves or other beings while we enjoy the world.

We don’t need to look for the enjoyment or chase after any enjoyments, but we enjoy what is already in front of us at this present moment now. Enjoying our breath, our heartbeat. Enjoying what we eat, what we see, what we smell, what we hear, what we feel at this present moment now. Not longing for what we don’t see, don’t eat, don’t smell, don’t hear, don’t feel at this present moment now. This is real enjoyment without attachment and expectation. This is enjoyment without suffering.

There is nothing evil when the mind is pure. It is a beautiful mind when it is pure. A beautiful mind manifests a beautiful world. A peaceful mind manifests a peaceful world. A dissatisfy and lustful mind manifests a dissatisfy and lustful world. Without the function of the mind, there is no perception of the senses. It is like there is no electricity to light up the light bulbs, there will be no lights. Having the organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, but without the mind, they are not useful for us at all.

The mind wants to do evil actions and evil speech but “I” don’t give in nor react, not moving my body and my organ of speech, and thus the mind cannot act at all. We become the master of our mind, and not the mind mastering us. Be free from our own mischievous impure mind is the real practice in yoga. Watch the mind and not let the mind controlling us. When we are free from the impure mind, we will be free from all the affliction that exist in the world.

It is this mind that gives us delusion and ignorance. It is also the same mind that gives us freedom and enlightenment. Through this mind, we are experiencing the world. Without the mind, there is no world, no experience, no sight, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no thoughts. Beyond the mind is complete silence, stillness, oneness. No more separateness, no birth, no death, no happiness, no unhappiness, no positive, no negative, no good, no evil.

May all be free while enjoying our lives in the world when we are still being with this decaying body with the function of the hands and feet, the organs, the senses and the mind. Make good use of this lifetime. Be kind to ourselves and to all beings.

Throw away the meaningless egoism. Free ourselves from the likes and dislikes that are generated by the ego.

Be happy.

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