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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reviews On Yoga Retreats With Yoga Now Malaysia

Upon my return to HK, my friends asked me how was our yoga retreat in Langkawi ? It is so strange an expressive person like me found myself stuck with words. I always said it was beyond words and dumped some photo and video in our company server so our colleagues can have a look. Their response? Amazed and jealous.

I’m still overwhelmed with the trip, your passion and hospitality, scenery, morning smell at Sunset Valley, waterfalls: sounds from the waterfall, the walk, food, me & marco hiding in the water curtain, and Meng Foong’s moves…and the cable car ride? I’m so glad we went up – the air was so fresh!

I was expecting it is a yoga retreat so there will be yoga classes and meditation, get up early and eat healthy, getaway from our busy city life. It turned out to be all of the above and much much more, in a spiritual way. I forgot about “myself” hiding in the waterfalls, nothing matters anymore, sound of the universe is right there; of course the snacks did some tricks to recharge my body after I cleansed my soul. You two have taken good care of us, good planning of activities. Waking up every morning seeing the moon still in the sky, birds hoovering on the paddy fields… these are beyond words. Now I close my eyes, I can see them vividly, with colours. Waterfalls, it made a huge difference, make sure you include it every time, I’m sure you won’t be bored by them.

You people are fun to play with and easy to learn with. I’m still amazed that Marco did kakasana and headstand like he’s been practising for a while, and I’m the one who goes to yoga class every Sunday!

Seriously I’m thankful to you guys for bringing such a memorable trip to me. And I’m happy Marco has made a lifetime change – decided to do yoga to correct his spinal posture, thanks Marc & Meng Foong!

I shall not forget I’m a learner everyday, wish you two enjoy every moment in life.

Lydia Ho & Marco Li

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