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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reviews On Yoga Classes With Yoga Now Malaysia

I arrived in Langkawi in December expecting a rather hellish week. I was not visiting the touristy island to enjoy the beaches and sunny weather. I was there to complete a long list of major projects on our sailing vessel ‘Discovery’ which was on the hard at a local facility. I would consider myself a life-long sport enthusiast and in very good physical condition and have enjoyed yoga intensely though sporadically for years. My sister is a yoga instructor in Seattle, Washington. When I saw the Yoga Now sign in Cenang I knew I should force myself to go to the class. Spending a bit of time each day working on breathing and quieting my mind would really help me get through the busy week.

But what I found at Yoga Now was a lot more than breathing, a lot more than quieting the mind. My instructor, Meng Foong Lai met me smiling at she and her husband’s (Marc, who is also a Yoga instructor) simple yet elegant and comfortable house. I would be the only student. The signboard announcing the daily classes from 9-11 am and from 4-6 pm I learned that first day were guidelines only. Our class lasted nearly 3 and a half hours. And every minute of it was pure bliss. By the end of the class I was both exhausted and exhilarated. My mind rejuvenated and as calm as a Japanese garden. My yoga practice has always leaned towards the ‘power yoga’ end. Meng Foong’s was a more complete mix of spirituality, meditation, and incredibly physical yoga that was tied together in perfect harmony. Her voice seemed like a bird’s singsong, her confidence extended far beyond her physical body and encompassed not just me but what felt like the entire community. Simply put, Meng Foong’s presence is powerful, like a practiced and skilled yoga position that only the strongest Yogi’s can master.

At the end of the class I immediately signed up for her discounted 5 session package and considered it incredible value. I had Meng Foong to myself for every one of the classes, all of which lasted over 3 hours, which she granted graciously. For some this may sound like an investment in time that you cannot afford. I promise you not only can, but you should. Meng Foong’s confidence, kindness, ability, and love of yoga will grab you like the wind on a hot summer’s day. Comforting and inescapable. Your body and mind will thank you and you will find yourself growing as a person more and more after each class. After each session I found myself starving for clean water and only the best vegetarian food. My mind would be at peace for the remainder of the day, no matter the endless hassles of work would present. At night I slept like a baby, something I haven’t experienced in years. In just those 5 classes I was able to get into positions I didn’t even knew existed. I’d leave in a ball of sweat with a smile no one could erase.

If you are passing through Langkawi, or if you will even be passing through Malaysia, do not miss the best offering on the island. There is nothing you can take away from your travels that bests even one session at Yoga Now.

Gavin McClurg

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