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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reviews On Yoga Retreats With Yoga Now Malaysia

It was a great retreat. Nothing to expect but yet that is where the surprises come from. It opens up my little big eyes and my heart as well.

My intension of going to Langkawi was merely to visit my teacher. Just a simple visit to see with my own little big eyes how are they doing there and to see whether is it true that their house is facinating as what I saw in the picture? It is true enough. It makes me feel so ‘HOMELY’.

It seemed that this 10 days retreat was planned less than a week, which was after i have booked my flight. It seemed that I have not much choice back there except by joining the retreat and I am glad that I did. Even though it was a short 3 days intensive retreat for me, but it was a fruitful one.

It brought back the memory of being a student again and it helped me to understand more about yoga as a student, as a teacher as well as a person. This is the important element in yoga that I might have forgotten and it is also the reason why I teach yoga.

The love and passion towards yoga that I have absorbed throughout the 3 days intensive yoga retreat have touched my heart the most. I can’t stop doing what I am doing and never will. I am grateful that I am also part of this and what else I can ask for.

We should be grateful that we are part of this pathway. Sometimes we may doubt, sometimes we may lost, but when we think about what we have and that we are part of this, I will always start my day with a smile. What else I can ask for. I have everything and more than what I could ask for.

Ohm Shanti.

Kee Boi Jing - Yoga Teacher

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