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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Know our minds...

The mind never showed interest in something that was always there until the moment it sees, or found certain qualities that it likes, or admires, or attracted to, which directly or indirectly existing along with that particular thing, it starts to show great interest in that thing.

Just like in any kind of relationships among people, including friendships. We never showed interest in some people whom we know for a long time, until the moment we start to see, or found certain qualities that we like and interested in, which directly or indirectly existing along with these people, and then we start to show interest in these people.

This indicates that we don't really like or interested in these people as they are, nor interested in these people for being who they were in the past, or who they are in the present moment, but we only like and interested in some qualities that we like, and which drawn our mind's attention and interest.

Look within, and rest in our very own nature of unconditional love and peace. Love all beings as they are, be free from craving, longing, attachment, possessiveness, projection and expectation. We will never feel disappointed and hurt, or be disappointed and hurt by anyone or anything, when we start to understand how the mind works.

Only those minds that are free from ignorance and egoism know how to love others and be loved by others as it is unconditionally, in any relationships. All the others are just loving their own desires for what they like and want, selfishly...

Be happy.

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