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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Righteousness, fearlessness, criticism and condemn...

There's nothing wrong when people make criticism and condemn towards other people and things that they dislike and disagree with. That is their freedom of thinking, actions and speech.

Letting go of the urge to criticize and condemn, no matter what our mind think and believe how right we are, and how wrong they are (those whom we dislike and disagree with), is one of the observations for yoga and meditation practitioners.

Some people might think that being righteous and supporting the freedom of speech means that they need to criticize and condemn anyone that they dislike and disagree with, to make a standpoint that they are good and right, and those whom they criticize and condemn are bad and wrong, as well as to induce the sense of righteousness in others, to get supports from others to also criticize and condemn what and who they dislike and disagree with, it doesn't matter if it will provoke anger, hatred and violence in other people and those whom they criticize and condemn, where they think that this is an act of righteousness and fearlessness. But this is not the right discrimination and fearlessness that we are talking about in yoga and meditation practice.

This is pure ignorance, whether intentionally or unintentionally provoking and inducing anger, hatred, violence and disharmony between us and other beings who are different from us, whom we dislike and disagree with, whom we think they are wrong, and we are right, based on what our own particular thinking and belief about what is right and wrong.

It is the tendency of the assertive ego to criticize and condemn - 'I' am good and right, and what is oppose to what 'I' think and believe as good and right, is bad and wrong. As a righteous and good being, 'I' should criticize and condemn what 'I' believe is bad and wrong.
It is the ego that doesn't want to let go of the urge to be self-righteous, to be a critic, to be the one who has the right thinking and righteousness to teach other people a lesson, to punish other people for their wrong doing based on what our minds believe what things are, about how people should and shouldn't think and behave.

If we want to help the world to be a more peaceful and harmony place, why are we constantly generating unrest and disharmony into the world by constantly generating criticism and condemn through action and speech that will induce anger and hatred among all beings who are different from one another?

It's purely the play of ignorance and egoism.

If we want to help to promote and maintain peace and harmony in the society, it's by stop sharing intentional information (resources from somewhere) that will provoke disharmony, doubts, anger and hatred among the different diversities in the society. Meanwhile there are many people are unaware of themselves are being used by some people, or politicians, or social medias, to achieve what they want to achieve for their personal ambitions and desires.

As yoga and meditation practitioners, while living among the society, if possible, one can learn to observe, unattached and uninvolved with the egoistic 'games' that the worldly people are playing in order to gain their personal interests and benefits.

That was what the Gurus and teachers in the past had advised anyone who wants to practice yoga and meditation, that they must stay away from vain talks, gossips, criticism, condemn, slandering, back-biting, boasting, and so on.

Using the time and energy that we spend on criticism and condemn to be performing our yoga and meditation practice will be more helpful for promoting and maintaining world peace.

Om shanti.

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