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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What happens when we feel 'touched' or 'moved' by someone or something?

We might think it is because we are admiring or appreciating some 'nice' qualities in others that is deeply 'touching' or 'moving', or we think it is because other people show us and others unconditional friendliness, assistance, acceptance, forgiveness, loving kindness, or simply being nice to us, which we didn't expect to be receiving, that make us feel 'touched' or 'moved'.

What happens is, in that 'touching' moment, we are reconnecting with those 'nice' qualities that exist in us but somehow we might have forgotten, or suppressed, or denied for some time, most probably because we think and believe that we have to be selfish, defensive, aggressive, hard and mean, when things get rough in life, or when we feel threaten by someone or something. We are actually being 'touched' and 'moved' by the unconditional love that was always there in us. And that allows us to 'see' or 'recognize' those 'touching' qualities in others, and generate such admiration towards other people having such 'touching' qualities that actually comes from within us.

When we think we are 'touched' by someone or something, it is not the intention of that person or that thing to touched anyone's heart, but it is coming from ourselves realizing the similar qualities in us that allows us to reflect them on another person or onto something.

That's why within the same situation, some people feel touched, but some others don't.

Om shanti.

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