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Thursday, February 12, 2015

If Yoga belongs to a particular nation, or religion, or beings, it is not Yoga anymore...

Yoga is universal. That's the teaching of yoga, whether we like it or not, agree with it or not.

It is self-realization towards the truth of selflessness that leads the mind towards unconditional love and peace, beyond all the qualities of names and forms, beyond the existence of life, beyond the conditioned impermanent physical body and the limited mind perception of everything.

Even without a human teacher or Guru, without any written texts from books or Scriptures, without hearing about yoga from anyone or anywhere, one can still realize yoga and be free from ignorance and suffering.

All these so called commercial and non-commercial yoga classes doesn't guarantee anyone anything.

Whether some people see it as a fitness exercise, or business product and service, or religious practice, or spiritual practice, or personal self-evolution, or life philosophy, or unthinkable, or impossible, or untouchable, or mystical, or absolute, or realistic, and some people believe that Yoga belongs to them, and only them who think they are somehow purer than all the others can have the authority on Yoga, and are the only people to be allowed to practice yoga, and be liberated from ignorance through profound yoga practice, and they want to protect yoga from being contaminated or disrespected by some other people who have impure minds and impure intentions, or have misunderstanding about Yoga, but still, Yoga cannot be limited, conditioned, or determined by what people think and believe what yoga is.

Isn't that yoga exists for all beings who are influenced by ignorance and impurities to be practicing yoga, so that all beings can transcend ignorance and suffering? Isn't that what compassion is about?

If a being is already be free from ignorance and impurities, Yoga is not separated from this being. This being doesn't need to practice yoga at all. Yoga practice is useless for a liberated being, that is peaceful, wise and compassionate.

Something that is so pure, sacred, unconditional and unlimited, how can it be damaged, or destroyed, or contaminated by something impure? It doesn't need any sorts of protection from anyone who claims authority on it to maintain its purity or sacredness.

Whether we want to name it as 'Yoga' or something else, it is available for all and everyone, it exists in all and everyone, whether we realize it, or not; aware of it, or not; believe in it, or not; agree with it, or not; practice it, or not; and know what it is, or not. Just as the basic survival instinct that exists in all living organism.

If Yoga belongs to a particular nation, or religion, or beings, it is not Yoga anymore. It is no longer universal. It is something that what the people want it to be. And Yoga is still going to be what it is no matter how many different types of possibilities that different people want it to be. It doesn't change into or become the things or qualities that what people want it to be.

Be free.

Om shanti.

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