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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good as it is...

Something or someone that is 'good' doesn't need self-justification, announcement, branding, marketing, promotion, or to seek acknowledgement, agreement, support, liking, praise, compliment, or appreciation in any forms. It doesn't need to prove itself or to convince anyone that it is good.

It is good as it is.

Someone will acknowledge and appreciate it naturally if they see the good in it.

If others don't see the good in it, it is useless to justify its goodness, or to convince anyone that it is good.

Be free from the play of the ego. 

A lot of times, something that is really good would be perceived by many minds as 'bad', and vice versa, in this world of ignorance and egoism. Those who understand this, could be performing actions or not performing any actions in this world, and there's nothing wrong or selfish if they are not performing any visible actions. Not performing any actions, is also an action. Inaction under certain circumstances could be contributing to world peace and harmony, while igniting the quest towards wisdom and compassion in some other minds, intentionlessly.

Om shanti.

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