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Friday, April 10, 2015

Neither positive nor negative, everything is just what it is...

The teaching of yoga and Buddhism is about seeing the truth of things as they are, and allow all the names and forms to be what they are, without generate clinging or craving towards what the mind wants to think and believe as positive, good and happiness, without generate aversion towards what the mind wants to think and believe as negative, bad and unhappiness.

Everything is just what it is. It is neither positive nor negative, neither good nor bad, neither happiness nor unhappiness.

The truth is still the truth, whether we know about it, or not; whether we like it, or not; whether we agree with it, or not. Everything is subject to impermanence. This life existence comprising the body and mind is subject to changes, discomfort, old age, sickness, weakness and death, or decomposition. The truth doesn't change according to whether our mind is being positive or negative, good or bad, happy or unhappy.

Being super positive, super good and super happy, while denying something that the mind recognizes as negative, bad and unhappiness, won't bring the dead back to life, nor prevent the body and mind from experiencing pain or unpleasantness, or else there won't be painful sorrow exists in the world due to losing someone whom we love very much. It won't make other beings to be free from negativity, anger and hatred, or stop being bad and unhappy.

The positive and optimistic people need to be positive and optimistic shows that they do perceive and recognize something as negative, bad and unhappiness, but they want to convince that everything that they are going to experience will be all positive, good and happy, and they don't want to experience something that they perceive and recognize as negative, bad and unhappiness. They are not free from the perception of duality, craving and aversion. Or else, they don't need to be positive and optimistic at all, if truly there is no negative, bad and unhappiness existing in their mind perception.

Impermanent changes are always there. 'Good' things are changing. 'Bad' things are changing. They change due to their respective cause and at their own pace. If somebody who claims to be having the 'super mind power' to influence and change something to be all good and nothing bad, then the world is already all good and nothing bad.

There are many 'good' people everywhere in the world always wishing or praying for the best and goodness in oneself and in others. It's very good, but it doesn't stop 'bad', 'miserable' and 'undesirable' things and happenings continue to be existing here and there. It doesn't make all kinds of suffering and painful sorrow to disappear from everyone's life. It doesn't remove ignorance and egoism in all beings. Or else, every beings in the world will be selfless, peaceful, wise and compassionate.

Practicing yoga or Buddhism is not about to be positive and optimistic, but to see the truth of things as they are (whether it is something pleasant or unpleasant, whether we like or dislike, agree or disagree with it), without attachment, craving or aversion, without identification with the impermanent body and mind to be who we are, without being affected or determined by all the impermanent qualities of name and form to be peaceful, happy, confident and to feel meaningful, or not.

Before we see the truth of things as they are, we need to stay positive and to counter negative thinking with positive thinking, so that we won't be 'drowned' by negative thinking. When we see the truth of things as they are, there is no need to be positive or to have positive thinking.

Be free from ignorance, egoism and all the modifications of the egoism is the ultimate freedom. It's not about denying or keep away from something that the mind perceives and recognizes as negative, bad and unhappiness, or changing something that we don't want into what we would like it to be.

Om shanti.

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