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Thursday, April 9, 2015

If being stressed doesn't change the outcome, why stressed then?

If we have some obligated duties and responsibilities in our lives towards ourselves and our family that make us feel tied-up, and thinking that we have to achieve certain results to gain maximum return whether it's for financial stability or it's to maintain certain credibility of professionalism in a particular work-field, unwittingly we live under stress and being anxious towards our performance and the result of our performance. We are accumulating lots of tension mentally and physically. This will hinder us from performing at our best, affecting our work performance, and eventually our physical and mental health condition will be disturbed. This stops us from carrying out our duties and responsibilities efficiently.

We can just do our best in whatever we do, and allow the outcome to be what it is. There's nothing need to be stressed and anxious about.

By being stressed and anxious doesn't change the outcome of anything to become better than what it is.

Why stressed then?

It is the egoism, attachment, identification, expectation, and the desires of craving and aversion that make us think that we cannot fail, or we have to achieve certain results, that generate unnecessary stress and anxiety in the mind.

We can learn how let go of the ego, attachment, identification, expectation, and the desires of craving and aversion, learn how to live in the present moment, and just do our best to perform all our duties and responsibilities without any stress or anxiety.

Certain anxiety is due to hormonal changes/imbalanced or even brain malfunctioning/damage, it's not necessarily has anything to do with external elements. Such like, we could have anxiety attack out of a sudden even though everything in our life is good or there's nothing to be worry about. In that case, one might need to do something that could help to regulate and balancing the hormonal system. Usually by having regular sufficient physical exercises and eating healthily, as well as by balancing work/activity and relax/sleep will help to regulate and balancing the hormonal system in the body.

Om shanti.

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