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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seclusion comes gradually and naturally...

Seclusion for a period of time, is important in the path of yoga and meditation for emancipation, although there's no guarantee of liberation, if it wasn't being carried out with correct understanding and right effort.

It is not the same as somebody who has Anthropophobia or Social phobia, and they want to be alone. Sincere yoga and meditation practitioners who go into semi-secluded life style, or complete seclusion for a few years are not anti-social. In fact they have so much loving kindness for the society that they want to attain liberation through focusing on intense Sadhana, so that they can serve humanity efficiently.

Most minds try to avoid seclusion with many excuses, as the worldly minded egoistic outgoing attention seeking mind doesn't like it.

If we still have some worldly duties and responsibilities need to be carried out, or we still have something that we have to do, or there's something that need to be achieved in this life existence, then we should perform all our duties and responsibilities, and give full attention and maximum effort to pursue all our dreams.

Seclusion, or complete renunciation from worldly social activities and interactions comes gradually and naturally, when Vairagya / dispassion and Viveka / right discrimination is firmly rooted in the mind of the Sadhaka, seeing the highest meaning of human existence is serving humanity by attaining liberation from ignorance and egoism.

Only when one attains liberation from ignorance and egoism, one can truly serve humanity efficiently, without being affected, influenced or determined by all actions and the fruit of actions.

Retreats are supposed to be disciplining the mind and training the mind to get use to seclusion and to move away from worldly ideas and objects. But, many of the yoga retreats in the world nowadays are not about seclusion at all, in fact, it is about ego-pampering, worldly sensual indulgence and gratification of desires.

Om shanti.

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