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Monday, April 27, 2015

Letting go...

When the mind experiences and recognizes 'problems' or 'undesirable experiences', it can choose to react in different ways - Complain or letting go.

Untrained minds will have the urge to complain about problems and unhappiness, and choose to complain and moan.

The act of complaining can relieve some tension or frustration for sure, but it doesn't undo the problems nor makes the problems disappear, and yet we are spreading those vibrations into the surrounding environment and those whom we complain to.

Letting go is different.

If the mind is able to let go what it recognizes as problems or undesirable experiences, the mind is undisturbed or uninfluenced by those experiences, there's no need to complain or moan about anything at all.

Letting go is our basic yoga and meditation practice.

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