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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beyond all the thinking and feelings, action and inaction, there's no 'I', 'my', or 'mine'...

Beyond all the thinking and feelings, action and inaction

Whether it's positive or negative thinking and feelings
Whether it's good or bad thinking and feelings
Whether it's happy or unhappy thinking and feelings
Whether it's clear or confuse thinking and feelings

Beyond kind or evil, right or wrong action and inaction

There is no 'I', 'my', or 'mine'

Allow the mind to perceive all the names and forms as they are, and allow the names and forms to be what they are

There's no attachment or identification with any names and forms as 'I', 'my', or 'mine'
There's no desires, clinging, longing, craving, or aversion
There's no dissatisfaction and disappointment
There's no feelings of hurt or painful sorrow
There's no anger and hatred
There's no fear and worry

Be free

If our yoga and meditation practice doesn't bring the mind closer to peace but the opposite, constantly be disturbed, be affected, be influenced or  be determined by all the qualities of name and form of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations and thinking due to the reactions of the mind towards its craving and aversion towards what it likes and dislikes, agrees and disagrees with, wants and doesn't wants, then let go of what we have been practicing, and start practicing again based on the basic teachings of yoga and meditation about 'I'-lessness, egolessness, or selflessness.

Om shanti.

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