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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Different types of "yoga"?

It doesn't matter what type(s) of "yoga" that we (our ego) prefer, that we like to learn and practice, most important it is NOT about trying to find out what are the differences to distinguish one from another to create separateness, nor to generate superiority or inferiority, nor to compete with one another to find out which is better, nor try to glorify the types of "yoga" that we prefer, and at the same time we criticize, or try to find faults in the other types of "yoga" that we (our ego) do not prefer.

Respect all, whether they are originated from old traditions, or they are "re-invented" by some people who prefer to have their own styles and branding, and marketing values.

In the end, it is our own effort and discipline to perform whatever practice to purify the mind, to remove ignorance and egoism, to realize selflessness/egolessness and unconditional peace and compassion, to transcend suffering and be free.

It is not about what type of "yoga" that we practice that will liberate us. It is not about being in competition with one another to see who is better, or who has "faster result" or "more efficient benefits" than the other ones.

It is not about what type of "yoga" can do better "business" and makes more profits than the other ones, and what type of "International Yoga Affiliations" recognized "certifications" or "qualifications" that they can provide to the many aspiring "yoga enthusiasts" to find a job called "teaching yoga".

It is also not about trying to become super human with super power and super fit physical body.

If it can allow us to know about our own mind and the ego, to realize the cause of suffering and the path to transcend suffering, to train the mind, to have control over our own mind, to be the master of our mind, to go beyond the mind, to purify the mind to remove impurities and ignorance, to bring the mind into the present, to quiet and silent the mind, to free the mind from anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, agitation, depression, ill will, fear and worry, to develop dispassion (Vairagya) and discrimination (Viveka), to eliminate the ego, to realize our true nature, to realize the truth of things, to realize unconditional peace and love, to be performing selfless service for ourselves and others, to go beyond action and inaction, to transcend duality, to realize namelessness and formlessness, and to be liberated from suffering, then it is all YOGA, and all is good, even if it is not being labelled or named as "yoga" or "yoga practice".

Om shanti.

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