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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wisdom, love and peace vs ignorance, anger and hatred...

Promote wisdom, love and peace, and NOT ignorance, anger and hatred...

Dissolve ignorance, anger and hatred with wisdom, love and peace.

Adding ignorance, anger and hatred into the "pot" of ignorance, anger and hatred will only intensify or increase all the ignorance, anger and hatred that are already there...

Most of us know about this, but sometimes we are not aware of ourselves are actually spreading, or distributing, or promoting more anger and hatred into the world while hoping the world will be a loving and peaceful place, be free from violence, anger and hatred.

How can we expect the world will be free from anger and hatred while we are being angry and hating, as well as we try to make or encourage more people to join us to be angry and hating towards certain issues or matters?

Om shanti.

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