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Monday, May 13, 2013

Home cooked vegetarian food recipe - ABC soup

This is one of the home cooked vegetarian dishes that sometimes we prepare for our yoga retreat guests. This is a very simple nutritious and delicious soup. It is very comforting especially after sweating during the yoga asana practice in the hot climate of Malaysia. It also reminds us about our loving mother who cooks this soup regularly at home.

ABC soup (for 2 servings)

3 potatoes (washed and peeled) cut into chunks

2 carrot (washed and peeled) cut into chunks

2 big tomatoes (washed and cut into quarters, remove the )

Optional 1/4 of lemon juice (Add only if you like lemony taste in the soup)

1 yellow onion finely chopped

3-4 garlic cloves, chopped

Optional few slices of ginger (peeled)

Salt and black pepper

A bit of cooking oil

A bit of butter

About 1.5 litre of hot boiling water

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Heat up a bit of cooking oil and butter in the pot and sautéed the onion at low to medium heat patiently until it turns slightly brown.

Add in garlic and ginger, until the garlic and ginger fragrant and the onion browned.

Add potatoes and carrots, black pepper and a bit of salt. Cover and stir occasionally until fragrant at medium heat.

Add tomatoes and the lemon juice (optional). Cover and stir occasionally until everything soften, juicy and fragrant.

Add hot boiling water and cook for 40 - 50 minutes at low to medium heat, or until the liquid is a bit thickened or the soup is sweetened by all the ingredients, it is ready to serve. Add salt to taste.

It tastes better if you cooked it a few hours before serving. Let the soup sits for one or two hours, and then heat it up to boiling point again before serving.

Bon Appétit!

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