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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reflection from doing housework

Reflection to share with all from doing housework -

Sweeping the floor against the wind or with the fans on is useless...

There are many effective ways to clean up the floor, such like using a vacuum cleaner if there is electricity or if you have one, or else can wait until the wind ease off, or turn off the fans, or close all the windows and doors of the room. It is also useless to sweep the floor while somebody else keeps pouring dust everywhere while we sweep the floor.

It's wasting energy and frustrating if we want to clean the floor but the more we sweep and mop, the more dustier and dirty it is.

Never use dirty cloths or mops, nor using dirty water to wipe or mop the floor too. As this will only make the floor more dirty and messy...

If we try to mop the floor before we clean up the dust, the floor also will become very messy.

In the end, no matter how many times we try to clean the floor by sweeping and mopping, dust and dirt will continue to exist unceasingly. We need to keep sweeping and mopping regularly without getting unhappy, disappointed, angry and frustrated nor giving up on the action of cleaning.

Om shanti. Be happy.

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