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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Righteousness that is associated with anger and hatred is different from compassion...

Do not mix up compassion with the feeling of righteousness that is very much associated with extreme aversion, negativity, disappointment, anger and hatred towards something that our mind disagrees with, especially what our mind believes is "bad" and "wrong". As they are not the same.

If we are truly compassionate, there is no aversion, negativity, disappointment, anger or hatred.

Next time when we think we are very loving and kind hearted beings, and believe we are good people, but we are also being very angry and hating some other people who we think, believe, judge and criticize them as "bad" and "inhuman" people, then know that we are not in the compassionate 'zone', but we are in the righteousness 'zone'. There's nothing wrong with being righteous, but we are hurting ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically, as well as unintentionally inflict unnecessary tension and unhappiness onto other people while we react out of anger and hatred.

Being compassionate will allow us to perform whatever actions or inactions that need to be performed for the best benefit of everyone without discrimination, intention or expectation. There is no attachment towards the actions, and the fruit or the result of the actions. There is no disappointment nor unhappiness. Just give, and let go.

Sometimes, in certain situations, the best action could be inaction. We need to have a calm and clear mind that is free from aversion, negativity, disappointment, anger and hatred, for us to know what is the best action that needs to be done.

Om shanti.

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