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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Non-possessiveness & non-attachment...

Non-possessiveness is being practiced side by side with non-attachment. In fact they are not separated from each other. There is non-possessiveness in non-attachment, and there is non-attachment in non-possessiveness.

In non-possessiveness, we understand that nothing belongs to "I". We also understand that there is actually no "I" being there to possess anything. The body and mind is just the product or combination of elements. Without fire, water, wind, earth and space, this body and mind doesn't exist.

Without the function of the mind, the body and the senses doesn't perceive any names and forms.

It is not the eyes who see, it is the mind sees or perceives sights through the function of the sense organ of eyes. It is not the ears hear, it is the mind hears or perceives sounds through the function of the sense organ of ears. And so on with all the other sense organs. If the sense organ of eyes doesn't function properly or doesn't exist, or in the absence of light, the mind doesn't sees or perceives sights, colours or shapes. And so on, with the other sense organs. If energy depleted, even there is a body with all the sense organs, the mind doesn't function. There is no perception of anything. And without energy, eventually the body with the sense organs will decompose. Who am "I"?

If there is an "I", then this "I" is totally power-less and has no control over the existence and the function of the mind, the body and the sense organs. This "I" doesn't possess the mind, the body and the sense organs. As if the mind, the body and the sense organs belongs to this "I", then they should be under the control of this "I". But, it is not in the control of this "I" at all about what the mind can perceive and cannot perceive, want to perceive and doesn't want to perceive. It is not that "I" only want to feel good and happy, think only positive thinking and experience only pleasant sensations, and do not want to feel bad or unhappy, nor think about negative thinking, nor feel any unpleasant sensations. All these feelings, emotions, thoughts and sensations don't belong to "I". They come and leave as they like and without asking for permission from this "I" to come or to leave.

As well as all the reactions in the mind towards what it perceives through the senses, or when the mind comes in contact with the objects of the senses, are just the intellect and the ego functioning, which is part of the function of the mind. The intellect analyzes all the objects of the senses that the mind perceives, and the ego asserts like or dislike, agreement or disagreement, and generates craving and aversion towards all the experiences, and feels good or bad, happy or unhappy when this craving and aversion is being gratified or ungratified. The one who thinks it is "I" who is experiencing all these experiences, is the ego.

The function and the existence of the body and mind is totally depending on energy and elements. They belongs to energy and elements, they don't belong to "I". Then how can this "I" possess the body and mind, and all the relationships with everything else that come in contact with this body and mind in this life existence?

And thus, "I" can't even own or possess this body and mind, how can "I" own or possess anything else beyond this body and mind. All the ideas of "my mind", "my body", "my family", "my parents", "my children", "my partner", "my friends", "my relationships", "my country", "my world", "my universe", "my feelings", "my emotions", "my hurts", "my disappointments", "my injuries", "my job", "my wealth", "my health", "my things", "my name", "my fame", "my power", and etc, don't really exist and it's coming from incorrect understanding, not knowing the truth. All these things or objects exist in life existence, but none of them belongs to "I", nor in "my" control how "I" want them to be.

Everything is just fleeting momentary impermanent experiences. They don't stay forever unchanged. We can be aware of all these experiences whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, when they exist in the present and being what they are, and let them go when they change and stop existing, without being influenced nor determined by all these good or bad experiences in this life existence.

And hence, through the correct understanding of the truth, non-attachment happens naturally without any efforts. (Many people say it is not possible or it is very difficult for them to practice non-attachment in their everyday life or in what they think is "reality", it is incorrect understanding and the veil of ignorance that make them feel and think this way. There are also people practicing yoga and meditation for long time, but still being disturbed and affected very much by restlessness or anxieties that derives from ignorance and attachment. There's nothing wrong with this, but just need to keep purifying the mind to deeper level.)

There is no attachment towards all the experiences that the body and mind is experiencing from moment to moment. There is no attachment towards what the mind perceives through the senses of what it sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and thinks.

There is no attachment towards what the mind believes what things are, what the mind feels and thinks.

As all these things that are going on in the mind are not necessarily the truth of what things really are. It is just a projection coming from the mind about things. If the mind is not pure, then whatever the mind projects will be contaminated by impurities in the mind, it is not the truth of things.

And so, purification of the mind is the most important thing to be happening all the time. So that the mind is free from impurities, and allow it to see or know the truth of things as they are, and not being influenced nor contaminated by any impurities or the veil of ignorance.

The mind will be free from suffering or unhappiness that arise due to the incorrect understanding of things or being ignorant about the truth.

Peace is there, when the mind is free from anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment. frustration, irritation, agitation, depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, pride, arrogance, craving, aversion, clinging, longing, imagination, anticipation, fear and worry, and etc, when it sees or knows the truth, being free from ignorance.

Contemplate on these teachings, and realize the truth by ourselves, not just by hearing or reading from somebody or some books written by some great beings, and be truly free. As just by knowing about the teachings by hearing or reading about the truth of things doesn't liberate us from suffering or unhappiness. The mind will still have doubts and be influenced and determined by the veil of ignorance and impurities that arise due to ignorance. The mind will still be disturbed and over-powered by fear and worry, anger and hatred, greed and jealousy, agitation and depression, being over-powered or determined by craving and aversion towards what the mind likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, wants and doesn't want.

When we practically in one with the truth, we will know how to love and accept everyone and everything out of compassion, without possessiveness. We will be able to allow the reality of everything to be what it is, without attachment, interference, judgment, expectation, nor try to control or change the reality that the mind doesn't like or doesn't want to be what it likes it to be. We just do our best for the well-being of everyone, and let go the result or the fruit of all actions.

There is no "I" being there to perform any actions. There is no "I" performing good or bad actions. There is no "I" giving or receiving something good or bad.

Be free.

Om shanti.

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