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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well loved children and happy childhood is very crucial for world peace and harmony...

When there are unrest, hatred, violence, discrimination or racism happening in our society, it is derived from ignorance, dissatisfaction, anger and hatred, and most probably, it is coming from an unhappy oppressive childhood bringing up environment.

There is no doubt that schooling education, mixing in the society, social media, commercial and political manipulation are very big influential elements of 'brain washing' towards our thinking, belief and behavior. But the most crucial influential elements in 'influencing' human beings thinking, belief and behavior start from childhood bringing up.

The importance of a healthy loving bringing up environment and correct education on values of life are the most crucial influential elements in achieving peace and harmony in the family, in the society and in the world.

Non-discrimination and respect all beings, non-violence and non-hatred, loving kindness and generosity, love and peace are all start from childhood bringing up.

If the children are well loved, growing up in a loving and non-hatred nurturing environment; they are generally happy and cheerful, being free from oppression, suppression and violent treatments; and the family cultural values of life is very much based on unconditional love towards all beings, forgiveness, forbearance, patience, accommodation, tolerance, thoughtfulness, respect, non-discrimination, open-mindedness, humility, non-violence, non-judgmental, non-possessiveness, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, contentment, gratitude, appreciation, sportsmanship, purity in thought, action and speech, free from anger and hatred, pride and arrogance, greed and jealousy, fear and worry; they develop self-control and self-discipline on their own free-will, transform all actions as selfless service without expectation; and most important, the freedom to be who they are, being accepted as they are and being loved as they are, and they are allowed to reason everything and not being forced to obey or follow instructions, and they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from their own mistakes; then these children will grow up confidently, having their own confident immovable great values of life, having self-acceptance, self-belief, self-discipline and self-control. They will be free from offensiveness and defensiveness, anger and hatred, fear and worry. They will not be affected, nor determined, nor influenced by 'poor' or 'incorrect' schooling education, mixing in the society, social media, commercial and political manipulation.

And all these values of life start from the early childhood bringing up.

It is not about "I want my children to be good people, or to be well-behaved people, or to be saintly people". It's not about our selfish desires wishing them to be the kind of people that we want them to be. It is allowing the children to explore, to experience, and to learn to be responsible human beings towards themselves and the universe.

Even if we have tried our best to give the best guidance that we could give to the children, it is still their own responsibility towards their own thinking, belief and behavior. Parents should love and accept them as they are.

It is not about keeping the bad elements away from the knowledge of the children, not allowing them to be exposed or get in touch with certain bad elements. But to allow the children to be aware of all the good and bad elements, and allow them to develop reasoning power to discriminate right and wrong, good and evil; and allow them to take full responsibility for their own decisions and actions made.

They become self-independent and be responsible for themselves on what they think, believe and behave.

The parents or the care takers are the ones who need to be endowed with such values of life, then they can guide their children (future leaders) to be endowed with such values of life.

If the foundation of the values of life is strongly established in a loving and happy childhood bringing up, then there is no other impure elements coming from the society can cause any bad or harmful influence into one's thinking, belief and behavior. As these children grown up with reasoning power to discriminate right and wrong, good and evil.

No one who have been through parenting will say it's easy to give guidance and support to their children, and at the same time to allow their children to have the freedom to be what they want to be, and they know how to use the freedom wisely.

Methods of guidance and ways of parenting can also be different in each child with different types of personality and characteristic. The law of nature is impermanent. Every beings thinking, belief and behavior can be changing from time to time. Our personality and interests might be changing from time to time. We learn to accept all the changes as it is, and love ourselves and other beings as we are, as they are.

May all beings be free, be happy, be peaceful.

Om shanti.

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