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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go beyond selfishness, replace performing actions "to achieve what I want to do" with "to benefit all beings"...

Some say that they need "passionate" desires or reasons to motivate them to do their best to be successful in what they want to achieve, or to give them the strength to do what they want to do for themselves or for other people...

When we go beyond the egoism or selfishness, then the strength that motivate us, or the "reason" for us to perform all actions is compassion.

Out of compassion towards all beings (including ourselves is also one of the beings), we perform all our actions whether it is for ourselves or for other beings. Even if the actions seem like is being performed for ourselves, it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with other beings, but when we know how to take good care of ourselves, when we have peace and love in us, our entire existence will be benefiting all other beings naturally... We will be generating vibrations of peace and love into the environment, and there will be less a being generates negativities into the world, even if we don't have any intentions or desires to benefit anyone...

There is no "I" am benefiting the world, or "I" want to benefit the world, or "I" want the world to be benefited by "my" actions...

We don't need "passionate" motivations to motivate us to do good for others, but out of compassion, to benefit all beings (including ourselves is also one of the beings), we perform all actions without selfish desires, or selfish intentions, or selfish expectations...

It is not because "I" want to do good. It is not because "I" want to feel good. It is not because "I" want other beings to be helped and be happy. It is not because "I" want to be the strong one to be able to help other beings who are weaker than me. It is not because "I" like to help other beings. It is not because "I" want the world to be a better place... and so on.

Replace all these "I" and "I want" with "for the benefits and convenience for all beings (including ourselves)"... There's no difference between other beings and "I". This being ("I") is also one of the beings that need to be compassionate at...

There is no need to have "I" being there to be motivated by certain reasons, or any desires, or any intentions, or any expectations to perform all these actions... All these actions are merely "to serve the universe, to serve all beings"... Without the "I" identify as the doer of actions and the receiver of the fruit of actions...

There is no attachment towards the actions and the result of the actions.

There is no difference between success and failure, praise and condemn, compliments or criticisms, appreciation and inappreciation...

Om shanti.

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