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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hearing of philosophy vs implementation of philosophy

Hearing, or reading, or studying, or talking, or discussing, or debating about tonnes of philosophy about the mind and the ego is useless, unless we implement the philosophy into our everyday life existence.

The yoga philosophy or the teachings of yoga is there for us to implement them into our everyday life existence to realize the truth about suffering and how to transcend suffering. Suffering exists due to the veil of ignorance in the egoistic mind. Once we let go of the ego, remove the veil of ignorance, there is no suffering, by knowing and accepting the truth about all and everything is subject to selfless impermanent changes.

Yoga and meditation practice is changing the habits of the mind, changing how we think and behave. It is not about changing other people’s thinking and behavior to become like us, or become something that we can agree with, or to change the world to be the way that we like it to be. If we don’t like our mind being in a state of “dissatisfaction”, or “disappointment”, or “unhappiness”, we change how our mind feels and transform this unhappy or discomfortable state of mind into something “contented”, or “peaceful”, or “happy” that we prefer it to be. Nobody can change our mind for us, but ourselves.

If we think we are happy with the way that we are, and think that our thinking and behavior is fine, we don’t need to change anything about our thinking and behavior, then there’s nothing wrong about it. But when we start to feel dissatisfy or unhappy with how we feel or think about ourselves and other people, or disturb by how other people feel and think about ourselves, then know that it is our own responsibility for “being happy with the way that we are”, and it is us who decided that we don’t need to change anything about our own way of thinking and behavior. Be happy with our own decision made. Nobody is going to punish us if we don’t want to change our own habits of the mind. If we ever feel unhappy, it is coming from our own ignorance towards the truth of things. It is due to the veil of ignorance, we generate unhappiness or inflict suffering onto ourselves.

If we are happy with our mind being in a state of dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, agitation, restlessness, or unhappiness, then be happy with it. But then be responsible not to “condemn”, or “punish”, or “hurt” other people and things out of this disturbed state of mind.

Om shanti.

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