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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Fear will not leave us, nor go away, nor disappear even if we installed security system in the house, or installed additional steel gate at the front door and steel bars on all the window's frames, transforming our house into a "prison"... As fear is in our mind, it follows us every moment no matter how, where and when...

Especially if this fear is directed towards people, not just people, but particular "coloured skin" people... Thinking, or believing, or imagining, or anticipating that all these particular "coloured skin" people are going to harm or hurt us and our loved ones, or invade our home, or steal our properties, then no matter where we are, being inside or outside our "prison" house, we will still be haunted by fear all the time...

We are "imprisoning" ourselves with imaginary fear 24 hours a day...

We just need to "install" wisdom and compassion in our heart, and free ourselves from imprisonment of fear and imagination, and free all other innocent people who were being "accused", or "judged", or "condemned" as "potential criminals" by our fearful imaginary mind... Our "imagination", "projection", "judgment" and "fear" towards these particular "coloured skin" people, are not any less crime committing than those who are actually committing crimes... Ourselves are criminals.

Be fearful towards the ignorance, ill-wills, ill-thinking and impurities in our own mind, fear not anyone whom we project as "potential criminals" by our own "wicked" ill-thinking, imaginations and anticipations...

Om shanti.

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