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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yoga Teachers Training Course and Certification?

After attending the yoga class, the student told the teacher, "I will not come back for classes tomorrow. I know all the things that you said and taught in the class is true and good. I read from many yoga books about all these yoga philosophy. Your teaching is not different from the books. I know the word "non-attachment"... But my yoga master said that we have to start with perfecting the physical body with asana practice. And only when the physical body is perfected, then only we start practice pranayama, then we practice concentration, then we practice meditation, then the yoga philosophy will come to us. We should not listen to, nor study and practice yoga philosophy, nor perform pranayama, nor concentration or meditation, before our physical body attained perfection... Your yoga class teach about yoga philosophy. Your yoga class consists of pranayama, meditation, inverted pose, balancing pose, forward bends, backward bends, twists and side bends. Our "x" yoga only do one type of practice in one day. If we practice backward bends in that class we don't do forward bends. Your sun salutation is very different from ours. I don't want to do your type of sun salutation. I don't want to disappoint my yoga master. The "x" yoga is the only yoga I want to practice. I don't want to learn any other kind of yoga practice. I don't want to get confused with other yoga practice. I really need to practice my "x" yoga asana. It is very important to me because I need the certificate from my yoga master. I need this certificate because I need it to work. I want to work as a yoga teacher... You can see from the facebook about the yoga teachers training course certification from my yoga master..."

The teacher said, "Do you think all the yogis in the world have certificates? Do you think Buddha had a certificate for him to share and teach Dharma to the world?"

The student replied, "They don't need certificates. But I need a certificate. I am not like them... I need the yoga teacher training's certificate from my yoga master for me to work as a yoga teacher to teach yoga..."

"What do you think yoga is?"

"I show you what we do in our yoga class... We bring the feet apart about 4 feet wide with the four points of the sole of the feet touching the floor firmly. Then we inhale lengthen the spine upward with arms stretch out to the side and this foot turn to the side, and then as we exhale we bring the body to one side with this hand supporting on the shin, or put our hand on this block while the other arm extending over the head. And we stay in this position for 8 to 10 breaths...."

"Good... Most important is that you are happy with yourself and what you want... Sorry we don't teach this "x" yoga. I wish you good luck in your yoga practice and best wishes to you and your family..."

Om shanti.

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