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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Have I fully accepted and love myself as I am?

"Have I fully accepted and love myself as I am?"

If there's something that we don't like or 'hate' about ourselves, may it be the physical condition and appearance, or the state of mind, or the personality, or the physical and mental abilities and achievements, or the relationships with everyone, or anything that we think we feel dissatisfied and disappointed about ourselves, and we want or expect ourselves to be a human being, or a person, or something whom we are not, then we haven't know how to accept and love ourselves as we are, and we will also don't know how to accept and love others as they are.

We will always expect everyone and the surrounding environment to be exactly the way how we want it to be and how we believe it should be, or else we won't be satisfied or happy. And we will never be. It is not because there's something wrong or bad about everyone and everything, or they are not good enough, but, it is our own ignorance and the play of the egoism that make ourselves to be in the state of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If we don't know how to love ourselves, we also don't know the real meanings of compassion.

We might think we know what is compassion, and we want to be compassionate beings, and we want to perform compassionate actions, but we aren't really compassionate, if we don't even know how to fully accept and love ourselves as we are.

Be happy.

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