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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Compassion is free from anger and hatred in oneself, or towards any names and forms that we dislike and disagree with...

Compassion is free from anger and hatred in oneself. If we think having anger and hatred towards those whom we think are bad and evil is showing compassion towards those who are suffering because of these 'bad and evil' people, then we haven't realized what is compassion.

Free from anger and hatred doesn't mean that we are supporting and agreeing with 'bad and evil' beings or happenings.

To be compassionate towards other people's suffering is not necessarily has to be angry and hating the cause of their suffering. How can we say we are compassionate when ourselves is being affected and determined by other people's wrong doings, and we hurt our body and mind by generate anger and hatred towards those whom we think are 'bad and evil'?

If we think we are 'good and kind' beings, and don't do anything wrong, while we think some others are 'bad and evil', why are we suffering from anger and hatred for other people's wrong doings? It is the ego that gets angry and hating. It is not other people's wrong doing that is hurting us, it is the reactions of the ego that is hurting ourselves.

Have peace in oneself, be free from anger and hatred is compassion towards oneself and all other beings unconditionally.

All the names and forms have no intention, or quality, or power to hurt or insult anyone. It is the ignorance, egoism, attachment, identification, craving, aversion, pride and arrogance in us that generate such reactions towards the qualities of names and forms that we think is hurtful and insulting towards something that we identify ourselves as who 'I' am, that is hurting ourselves. Whenever we get angry and hating something that we disagree with, that we think is bad and wrong, it's not coming from other people's wrong doings, but it is coming from our own mind reactions.

Om shanti.

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