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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yoga, the teachings, the practice and teaching yoga...

There were some people suggested to us that we should be teaching 'yoga teachers training course'.

There were some people asked us whether our yoga studio issues any 'Internationally recognized certification', if they participated in our yoga retreats and workshops.

There was 'Yoga Alliance' wrote to us whether we want to pay them some member fees so that we can put some 'logos' on our website and be affiliated and registered with their organization.

I don't disagree nor criticize anyone or any organization to think and do what they want to think and do.  Everyone has the rights and freedom to think and act the way that they want to think and act.

There's nothing wrong with all these worldly qualities of names and forms.

Most people are conditioned to think in certain ways, to believe in certain 'commercial' or 'worldly' values and qualities of names and forms. There's nothing wrong with that. And it's okay if some people cannot go beyond those conditioned thinking and beliefs, no matter how hard they try to understand what is beyond their thinking and beliefs.

Just that, Yoga and teaching yoga, or self-inquiry and self-realization, or to develop mindfulness, insight, self-awareness and self-control, or the practice of non-attachment and non-identification, or the truth of names and forms, or transcending qualities of names and forms, or the elimination of the egoism, or selflessness, or be free from ignorance and suffering, or the realization of unconditional peace and compassion, or sharing wisdom, love and peace with other beings, or be compassionate towards other beings, or be free from anger and hatred, greed and jealousy, dissatisfaction and disappointment, craving and aversion, fear and worry, really has nothing to do with all these organization, certification and qualification.

It means nothing if a 'wandering yogi' hangs a few certificates issued by some yoga schools around his neck, going around with a statement of his personal profile about how many years, months and days he has been practicing yoga, where he has been learning and practicing yoga, who are his Gurus and teachers, what he has achieved from his practice and self-inquiry, since when he has started sharing his wisdom and unconditional love and peace with other beings, how many people have been learning and practicing yoga under his guidance, or what sorts of certifications he will issue to those who practice yoga under his guidance, and etc.

We don't even display our 'Internationally recognized yoga teachers training certifications' anywhere in the yoga studio or at home. We respect everyone for their personal freedom of thinking, speech and actions, and we are really grateful and thankful for all the teachers and the Ashrams to provide us with the opportunity to learn and practice yoga, as well as the 'Internationally recognized' certifications. But whether by attaining and displaying these certifications, or not, really doesn't determine anything about 'who we are' and 'what we do', and it has nothing to do with the teachings of yoga about transcending the body and mind, the modifications of the mind, the worldly existence, all the qualities of names and forms, be free from egoism, ignorance and suffering, realize unconditional love and peace, and rest in ones nature as it is.

We don't mention about what type of certification or qualification that we have in our website, as it doesn't determine anything.

If some people are looking for all these qualities of names and forms to find a teacher or a school to learn and practice yoga, then let them be.

If people didn't find what they are looking for in our website or in our classes, retreats or workshops, and are not interested in what we share, let them be.

May all find their own way, their own path, their own realization.

May all be free, be peaceful, be happy.

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