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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Emotional imbalanced?

People, or human beings are emotional sentimental creatures. At one moment, the mind is super happy and elevated when it gets what it wants and likes. At another moment, the mind is super unhappy and depressed when it gets what it doesn't want and dislikes, or when it doesn't get what it wants and likes. And this is perfectly normal for the untrained minds.

Very often we will see some couples around us, they are full of joy and happiness being together while chatting about something that they both agree with, and then suddenly one of them or both of them turn angry and upset about something that they disagree with one another. And then, maybe, when they manage to come to a point of agreement, and they will once again show joy and happiness being together.

Emotion doesn't only manifest when there are people interacting with us, but, even when we are alone by ourselves, there are random thoughts arising from here and there about this and that, and along with some passionate feelings and emotions based on all these random impermanent thoughts of past memories and future imaginations or anticipations.

Emotions are nothing wrong or bad, however, being emotional imbalanced without correct understanding and self-control can be creating unnecessary disturbance to ourselves and all the others around us.

Observe, not about other people's mind behavior, but observe our own mind's behavior.

Whatever reason that we think is causing the mind to be emotional imbalanced, is not important, but, to know that everything is impermanent, and soon, this will also pass away, is the path of liberation.

The untrained mind is irrational and nonsense most of the time. Do not take our own, or other people mind's reactions, feelings and emotions too seriously. Do not allow all these impermanent feelings and emotions to over-powered our conscience and losing self-control over our actions and speech. But learn to observe without suppressing them nor expressing them.

It's impermanent.

It's really not worth to feed these feelings and emotions, and spread them around into the surrounding environment to disturb the peace and harmony between us and everyone else who come in contact with us.

Just observe, be aware, without pushing them away nor feeding them, and allowing all these feelings and emotions to be there, change, and passing away, and eventually, the mind will be balanced in peace and harmony again.

May all be free, be peaceful, be happy.

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