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Sunday, March 29, 2015

About death...

One of the objectives of yoga and meditation practice is to prepare the mind for confronting the moment of the end of life existence of the body and mind, or what we call 'death', with clear understanding and in peace, disregards what is the cause of death, when, where and how it happens, whether it's the 'death' of oneself, or of other beings, especially our dearest ones. There's no fear, no painful sorrow, no anger, no hatred, no clinging, no aversion.

It's normal for the common minds to mourn, to be sad, to be angry, or to be guilty and regret towards the death of the loved ones, and be disturbed by the fear of death, or the fear of separation with those whom we love very much, even when the cause of death is something natural, expected and unintentional, not to say if the cause of death is something unnatural, unexpected and intentional.

But no matter what are our mind reactions, whether in peace or not in peace, it doesn't undo the history, and won't bring back the life of the dead.

May the deceased rest in peace. May the family and friends of the deceased, and those who concern be in peace.

The depth of yoga is not measured by whether we can perform some complicated yoga asanas, or how much we studied and talked about the teachings of yoga, or how much time we have spent on yoga and meditation practice, or how much benefits we gained from yoga practice, or what is the cause of the end of life existence, but it is shown upon how our minds react towards all the perceptions of name and form that it perceives in this moment now.

Be free from ignorance, egoism, attachment, identification, desires, craving, aversion, and all sorts of impurities like anger, hatred, vengeance, ill-will, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, fear, worry, guilt, regret, and so on.

Appreciate lives, but without clinging, attachment or identification.

Om shanti.

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