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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love and peace to all who feel hurt and angry with other beings ignorance...

Ignorance is the same in everyone, anywhere. We, ourselves is also influenced by ignorance, but in a different level. No matter how different is our behavior and thinking, or degrees of ignorance, our true nature is the same.

Letting go of anger and hatred doesn't mean that we ignore or deny the reality. Being aware of the reality as it is, but remain at peace, undetermined by the reality whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, without generate attachment, craving and aversion. It is being compassionate towards ourselves. Why hurt ourselves, and continuing hurting ourselves with anger and hatred for other people's ignorance?

In fact, when we hurt ourselves by being angry and hating, we are being over-powered by ignorance. How can we expect the world to be free from violence when ourselves is full of violence of anger and hatred?

We can help the world to be a better place if ourselves realize wisdom and compassion, is free from anger and hatred, and at peace. There will be less a being generating violent vibrations of anger and hatred into the world. How can we expect the world to be better when ourselves keeps vibrating negative energy into the world with all sorts of impurities.

Love and peace to all who feel hurt and angry with other beings ignorance.

Love ourselves by be kind to ourselves. Be free from anger and hatred, fear and worry.

Om shanti.

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