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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Being aware of 'problems', is different from thinking that we have problems...

Think again, if we think we 'have' problems. As 'problems' don't recognize anyone as their master or their owner. They don't intent to attach to somebody and say, "Hey! You are our owner now. We are yours. We are your problems."

So, why do we go and pick up 'problems', and possess it, and own it, and think, "I have problems now. These are my problems." And be troubled, worried and unhappy.

Let the problems be what they are, if they exist.

But, we don't own the problems, nor the problems are ours. We don't 'have' problems. The problems are just being there, but it is not 'our' problems.

Just be aware of the problems, without attach onto them, nor possess them, and do our best to help them to dissolve, out of compassion.

If they don't dissolve after we give help or assistance, then we have to let it be. Just like we can't bring life back to a dead person. And death is not a 'bad', or 'horrible', or 'sad', or 'negative', or 'suffering' thing. Neither is 'problems'.

If they don't exist, then no need to go everywhere to find them, nor expect them to be appearing in front of us.

Usually we (the ego) don't treat 'problems' this way. We like to look for 'problems'. If there's none, we feel bored, and we want to generate one. It looks like we enjoy having 'problems', and we spend so much time and effort on 'problems'.

We attached to our family, we think, "We have family problems."

We attached to our health, we think, "We have health problems."

We attached to our wealth, we think, "We have financial problems."

We attached to our relationship, we think, "We have relationship problems."

We attached to our country, we think, "We have national problems."

We attached to our race, we think, "We have racial problems."

We attached to our culture, we think, "We have cultural problems."

We attached to our career, we think, "We have career problems."

We attached to our feelings, we think, "We have emotional problems." 

And so on...

If there is no attachment, not even towards this body and this mind, where are 'problems'? There's no problem.

If we are looking for 'problems', we will see and find 'problems' everywhere, in the home, and outside the home. If we don't look for them, they don't come to trouble us. If we want to help to dissolve other people's 'problems', then just give help without attachment. Without being disturbed, nor determined by 'problems' that don't belong to us.

Whether we are aware of it or not, 'problems' are being what they are, and they don't belong to us. If we want to help the problems to be dissolved, then do our best to help, out of compassion, and let go of the fruit of 'giving' help.

Om shanti.

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