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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

May all beings be happy?

If we truly and sincerely mean it when we say 'May all beings be happy' with the correct understanding of what it means, we won't have any unhappiness or dissatisfaction about anyone or anything.

We won't make enemy with anyone.

We won't hurt anyone intentionally, including ourselves.

We love everyone and everything for being what they are, as they are.

Ourselves will be at peace. As we won't have anger, hatred, jealousy, discrimination, fear and worry towards anyone and anything, if we truly wish everyone happiness.

We cannot make other people happy, it is everyone's own freedom and responsibility to be happy, or not.

But, certainly we can wish everyone be happy if they want to.

And so,

To whom we like or dislike, agree or disagree with, know or don't know, met or haven't met,

To whom who like or dislike us, agree or disagree with us, know or don't know us, met or haven't met us,

To whom we think they are good or not good, wise or unwise, kind or unkind, selfish or unselfish, pure or impure, near or far,

To whom we think they had hurt us, or is hurting us, or may hurt us intentionally or unintentionally,

To whom in our mind and not in our mind,

To all human beings and non-human beings, living beings and non-living beings,

To myself,

May All beings be happy.

x x x x x x x x x x x x

If we think we can't wish all and everyone to be happy, as there are some people or beings that we don't want them to be happy, or think that they don't deserve to be happy, and we want to wish them unhappiness and suffering.

It reflects that we are so unhappy and suffering. We are hurting ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, when we are over-powered by such intense resentment, anger and hatred towards other beings.


May we realize compassion, forgive all and everyone, and let go of resentment, anger and hatred.

May we be free from unhappiness and suffering that derived from resentment, anger and hatred in ourselves.

May we love ourselves, be kind to ourselves.

x x x x x x x x x x x x

If due to any reasons, we think ourselves don't deserve to be happy.

Then, at least, wish all other beings be happy.

May other beings be free from unhappiness and suffering.

But, don't forget, we are also one of the beings that need to be loved and forgiven.

May we realize compassion, and love ourselves, be kind to ourselves.

May we forgive ourselves.

If we can't do that, then wish 'nobody' be happy.

As in truth, we all are 'nobody' anyway, and the selfless nature of all and everything doesn't need to be happy.

It is unconditional peace itself.

Om shanti.

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