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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Buddhist vs Yogi?

There's no doubt that there are some differences in the practice in Buddhism and Yoga towards the realization of Truth, to transcend suffering.

But, the essential teachings and the end of Yoga and Buddhism practice are the same, such like the law of impermanence, conditioned and limited existence of the body and mind, mind perception of names and forms through the sense organs and the senses, consciousness, intellect, egoism, ignorance, impurities, attachment, craving and aversion, cause and effect, action and reaction, desires, restlessness, dissatisfaction, suffering, the root cause of suffering, the path of transcending suffering, the end of suffering, the middle path, peace, fearlessness, non-discrimination, non-hatred, non-violence, non-judgmental, non-expectation, intention-less, self-control, morality, truthfulness, humility, simplicity, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, gratitude, contentment, perseverance, determination, adjustment, adaptation, accommodation, purification of the mind, awareness, mindfulness, selfless service, renounce the fruit of action, non-attachment, live in the present moment, observation, self-introspection, self-inquiry, observing silence (of thoughts, action and speech), solitude, renunciation, meditation, accepting the reality as it is, realizing the true nature of oneself, oneness, non-separateness, attributelessness, namelessness, formlessness, non-dualism, Self-awakening, Self-realization, selflessness, compassion, wisdom, transcending birth and death, entering silence or Samadhi.

The true nature of all beings is the same - This is the most important teaching of Yoga and Buddhism. Beyond the different qualities of names and forms 'possessed' by the 'Yogi' and the 'Buddhist', a real yogi is not different from a real Buddhist, and vice versa, if we truly practice the teachings of yoga or Buddhism.

If we think we are 'Yogis' and we are part of the family of 'Yogis', or if we think we are 'Buddhists' and we are part of the family of 'Buddhists', but we couldn't see beyond the different qualities of names and forms, and generate separateness between 'Yogis' and 'Buddhists', and criticizing one another, then we are not really 'Yogis' nor 'Buddhists'.

If the end of Yoga and Buddhism practice is separated or different from each other, then it becomes something limited and conditional (It means that if we attain highest realization in yoga practice, we will go to a 'peaceful place' only accessible for yogis only, and if we attain highest realization in Buddhism practice, we will go to a 'peaceful place' only accessible for Buddhists only). If that is what Yoga and Buddhism is about, then I don't want to practice Yoga nor Buddhism. I don't want to be a yogi nor a Buddhist.

Same as in Yoga practice itself, there are different paths, methods and styles. If the end of all these different paths, methods and styles will be different or separated from one another, then it is not Yoga anymore. If Hatha yogis will end up in a particular 'place' only for Hatha yogis, and Jnana yogis will end up in a particular 'place' only for Jnanis, and so on with all the other different practices, then it is something limited and conditional. It's not the ultimate freedom that we are looking for.

If there is a 'peaceful place' only welcomes or receives particular beings with certain qualities, I don't desire to be there, even if it is a 'heaven'.

May all beings be free, be happy - Wishes from Yogis and Buddhists

Om shanti.

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