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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fear and worry?

Usually when we have fear and worry, it is because we are imagining or anticipating about something that we don't like and don't want that may or may not happen on us, or onto the people and things that we strongly attached to.

We generate so much unnecessary tension in ourselves and onto other beings who come in contact with us, when we are over-powered by intense fear and worry.

Fear and worry consumes and drains lots of energy from us, physically and mentally, resulting in physical and mental illness.

By having fear and worry, won't help at all, in the 'attempt' of trying to prevent the things that we don't want to experience to be happening, if they are meant to be happening. It will still be happening, no matter how much we don't want it to happen. By paying too much attention and focus onto things that we don't want to experience, it distracts or hinders us from doing and achieving what we actually can do and achieve.

If it's just some imaginations and anticipations about something that won't be happening, but then we are over-powered by fear and worry in the present moment now, being 'disturbed' by something that won't be happening at all. It is so meaningless and wasting energy.

And hence, why do we 'hold on' to fear and worry, wouldn't let them go?

Most of the time, fear and worry exists or manifests in the mind, when the mind wanders to the past memories thinking about certain unpleasant experiences which don't exist in the present moment, or when the mind wanders to the future imaginations and anticipations which also don't exist at all in the present moment now.

If we are living in fear and worry all the time in the present moment, being affected, disturbed, influenced and determined by our past memories, future imaginations and anticipations, we cannot pay attention or concentrate in our relationships with other people, we couldn't be efficient in what we are doing in the present moment, we can't enjoy our life in the present moment, as the mind is being over-powered by fear and worry, occupied by fearful imaginations and anticipations.

We have fear and worry is because we are ignorant towards the truth of things. Out of ignorance, we generate attachment towards our body and mind, towards the impermanent conditions and qualities of names and forms, towards all the objects that we come in contact with, and towards all the relationships with other beings. We have craving and clinging towards the things and relationships that we like, and afraid of losing them. We have aversion towards the things and relationships that we don't like, and afraid of coming in contact with them. We generate 'protection shields' over our body and mind, and the things and conditions that we like. We have fear towards what our mind believes as 'bad', 'negative', 'painful' and 'suffering'. We have fear of losing what our mind believes as 'good', 'positive', 'pleasurable' and 'happiness'.

If we are over-powered by fear, we cannot be truly compassionate, even if we want to be compassionate. As we will generate actions and reactions that might cause harmful effects onto ourselves and other beings out of fear. If we have fear towards certain people, insects and animals, we will attack and hurt these people, insects and animals first, even when they don't have intention to hurt us at all.

Be kind and compassionate towards ourselves and other beings by letting go of fear and worry. Relax, and allow things to be what they are. Accept the reality as it is, not necessary the way that we like it to be, or how we want it to be.

There is no fear towards losing the 'good' conditions, or towards experiencing the 'bad' conditions, when we realize the truth of impermanence and selflessness. There is no fear towards separation from our loved ones, losing the things that we like, or old age, illness, weakness, injuries, immobility, and death. This will allow us to be truly appreciate and be grateful for the good conditions that we have, and make good use of the good conditions to be performing actions that will be benefiting ourselves and other beings, but without attachment, fear and worry. When the good conditions change, or disappear due to impermanence, we are able to let them go in peace.

Nobody can remove fear and worry in us. Only ourselves can free ourselves from fear and worry by willingly to let it go, through the realization of the truth.

Free ourselves from unwittingly hurting ourselves out of fear and worry in the mind, and free other beings from being affected and hurt by the fear and worry in us, either intentionally or unintentionally.

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