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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ever wonder why Buddha was at peace, undisturbed nor affected by the ignorance of others?

We read and heard many stories, or teachings of the Buddha, Siddartha Gautama. Do we ever wonder why did he remain so peaceful all the time, undisturbed, unaffected by the ever restless worldly beings who weren't free from ignorance yet?

That’s the difference between us, who are not free from ignorance yet, and we are not peaceful, and those, who are free from ignorance, and they are peaceful, living in the same world.

We want to show love and care to everyone and everything in the world, but we get so disturbed and affected by beings and happenings that we think and believe are 'bad', 'negative', and 'suffering'. And we know that all these 'bad elements', 'negativities', and 'sufferings' are derived from ignorance. But, we couldn't help it, to not being disturbed nor affected by all these 'unpleasant' things. We feel we are selfish or emotionless, if we are not disturbed nor affected by the 'bad' things that are going on around the world. we feel 'some people' are responsible for all these 'bad' things in the world. We feel angry as we want to protect the world from 'bad' things.

The world during the time of Buddha existence, was not having less 'ignorance', 'corruption' and 'restlessness' than what it has now. Fear and worry, egoism, ignorance, attachment, craving and aversion, selfishness, greed, jealousy, anger and hatred, violence, immorality, and evil thinking, actions and speech, exist in all and everyone, long before, during, and after the time of Buddha existence.

Buddha also did his best to 'help' other beings to be free from ignorance, but he was at peace, undisturbed nor affected by other beings ignorance. If he ever got annoyed or frustrated by other beings ignorant thinking, actions and speech, then he wasn't a Buddha.

The difference between Buddha and us is, he was free from ignorance and egoism, and thus he was at peace, undisturbed nor affected by the world, but we are not free from ignorance and egoism, and thus we are restless, be disturbed and affected by the world very much.

That is why we need to practice, practice and keep practice, until we are free from ignorance and egoism.

Om shanti.

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