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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About Compassion And Wisdom

Compassion and wisdom is the path of yoga and Buddhism. We need to cultivate these two elements in our heart to overpower the selfishness and ignorance in us. Without compassion and wisdom, we will see lots of unhappy happenings, wrong and evil doings in the world, and easily get irritated, frustrated, disappointed, angry and upset about lots of things that we come in contact with in life.

All the knowledge that we can get from this world cannot guarantee us happiness nor it will remove ignorance or suffering from us. Only wisdom can remove ignorance, unhappiness and suffering in us. With wisdom, we can understand the truth of everything – the law of karma and the impermanence. And it allows us to be able to accept the truth as it is, and to be able to let go any attachments. Without attachment, there is no good or evil, comfortable or uncomfortable, likes or dislikes, craving or aversion, happiness or unhappiness.

Compassion and wisdom is not something to be gained or studied from the outside. It is within us all the time. It is the true nature of our higher Self. We just need to purify the impurities in us, removing the veils of impurities and we will realize this compassion and wisdom in us. We are the compassion and wisdom. It is not separated from us. But under the veil of ignorance, we can’t see our Self clearly. And thus we are separated from compassion and wisdom, and feel emptiness and lack of love, and feel the need to be loved by other beings. When we realize that we are the love itself, we can share this love with other beings without any limits and conditions, and never get exhausted. And this is compassion.

When we realize this compassion and wisdom in us, we will be full and content. We don’t feel lack of anything. There is no need for us to look for love or fulfillment from the outside to fill up the emptiness in our hearts when we haven’t realized the compassion and wisdom in us yet. Once we realized our true nature and reconnect with the compassion and wisdom in us, we don’t have to depend on anything out there to make us happy or to feel good about ourselves. Nothing out there will make us unhappy or feel bad about ourselves. Because we are not attached to the ego anymore. It is only when we are still attached strongly to the ego, we will have the feeling of being separated from the compassion and wisdom, and thus we think we need something or to do something in life to make us happy or to feel good about ourselves. We will see many faults and imperfections in other beings and being affected or disturbed by other beings’ behavior and how they treat other beings especially towards us – ourselves. We will be upset, angry, frustrated, disappointed and dissatisfied about this and that, about the behavior and reactions of other beings. We will have lots of moanings and complaints. We will think that we are better than all these “imperfect” and “selfish” beings, and trying to convince these beings to change their attitude and they should behave the way that we think it should be, and be nice and kind to us and other beings the way that we think it should be. We will be so unhappy when other people not listening to us or not respecting us. We will think that we are the victims of other people’s selfishness and ignorance. Most of the time, we will be blaming other people for our unhappiness and suffering.

This is due to lack of compassion and wisdom in us. We are attaching strongly to the ego. Our ego is feeling “hurt”, “angry”, “upset”, “unhappy” and “disappointed”. If we know how to step back from the reactions of the ego towards how other beings behave and react, we won’t be judging anything and won’t be affected or disturbed by anything at all. It is not about what other beings do and don’t do, should do and shouldn’t do. It is about our own ego is feeling offended, being challenged or insulted, and getting irritated and frustrated.

Once we let go the attachment towards the ego, we will be fine and peaceful all the time disregard what do other beings do or don’t do, and it doesn’t matter what is happening in our lives, in our body and in the mind.

When we are compassionate, we will forgive other beings for their imperfection, ignorance and selfishness. We can see the cause of suffering in all these beings, that they are imperfect, ignorant and selfish, and thus they are behaving ignorantly and selfishly. We feel sympathy for them and only have good wishes and kind thoughts for these beings. We can accept everyone and everything as it is. Not trying to find faults in other beings, but to see the goodness in them.

We are imperfect too. How can we judge other beings being imperfect and cannot accept their imperfection? If I am unhappy and angry about how other beings treat me, that means my ego is not feeling good. It felt insulted, annoyed, disrespected and unattended. This means I, myself am not compassionate and forgiving enough to accept that these beings are actually very unhappy in their hearts and are suffering now, and thus they are treating other people in a selfish way, and they are going to suffer more later on for being selfish and ignorant now. And so, if we really are compassionate and selfless, we will be wishing these beings happiness and peace, and not being angry or upset with them, and not to give them any more hard times. They are unkind and unfriendly towards other beings is because they are very unhappy deep in their hearts. They are in suffering. Be compassionate towards their suffering.

If I start to get angry and complain about them, I am not any different from them. I am also one of them. I am selfish, ignorant and is suffering from deep unhappiness.

If I choose to do lots of activities and make myself feeling tired and exhausted, and can’t perform any of my other responsibilities anymore, I can’t be unhappy and angry when I ask other people to replace me and carry out my responsibilities for me to help me out, and the person refuses to help. People have no obligation to give help to anybody. If people do help other people is out of their own free will and generosity. We can’t be unhappy and angry about other people being reluctant to give help or not generous. We need to know our own responsibilities and be responsible for our own responsibilities. We should blame our own self if we cannot carry out our responsibilities and should not depend on other people’s help, just because we don’t know how to manage our time and energy usage. Be happy.

It is very good that we want to be compassionate and selfless, but we cannot ask or tell other people to be compassionate and selfless, and being very angry and unhappy about other beings have no compassion and being selfish. It is all up to each individual to be compassionate and selfless or not. Everyone has the freedom to be compassionate and nice or not.

When we ask any helps from somebody, and are being rejected or people are being unfriendly and not helpful, we cannot be angry or upset about that at all, nor should we complain about other people’s unfriendliness and selfishness. It is because when we feel unhappy or upset about a situation like that, is because we have expectation towards other people’s reactions and behavior. We think that everyone is obliged to give help whenever somebody is asking helps from them. Or else we will judge them as bad people, selfish and unfriendly. The unhappiness is all comes from our own self, our attachment towards the ego and the happenings that are irritating the ego. The ego felt insulted, rejected, disrespected, being treated badly and unfriendly. This is nothing to do with other people’s behavior or reactions.

It is like when we give help to somebody out of our own free will, not because somebody asked us to do so, and our kind act is rejected by that person, we cannot be unhappy or upset about it and complain that the person is ungrateful. It is like when we want to give something to other people and they refuse to accept our gift, we cannot be unhappy and upset about it or feel bad about ourselves thinking that why they don’t want to accept our gift or is it because they don’t like us? All these unhappiness is coming from the attachment towards our ego. Our ego is feeling upset, unhappy, rejected, disrespected, insulted or ignored.

Give and let go. Be compassionate and wise. Be happy.

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