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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Satchidananda - I Am That I Am

What is the most precious thing that we all are having with us all the time eternally that has never been separated from us and never will?

Not my decaying body, not my unrest mind, not my breathing, not my heartbeat, not my knowledge, not my memories, not my family, not my parents, not my children, not my spouse, not my friends, not my teachers, not my senses, not my ego, not my feelings, not my thoughts, not my house, not my job, not my success, not my achievement, not my duty, not my responsibility, not my wealth, not my health, not my beauty, not my youth, not my learning, not my happiness, not my unhappiness, not my birth, not my death, not my things, not anything that will change and disappear. Not the life, not the world, not the sun, not the air, not the water, not the earth, not the space, not the universe, not the heaven, not the hell. All these things will change and disappear also. Anything that is conditional with certain qualities of names and forms, that will change and is impermanent, is just temporary and momentary existing.

It’s the selfless Self, the universal Self, not my selfish egoistic “self”. It's not even 'my' true Self. It's not 'your' true Self, or 'his/her' true self. It doesn't belong to anyone or anything. All and everything that are selfless and impermanent arising from it, resting, changing, and passing away upon it. It is the only 'thing' that is unchanging, unlimited and unconditioned by impermanence, without beginning and ending, forever exist, pure existence, pure knowledge and pure bliss – Satchidananda. The timeless, birthless, deathless, attributeless,  nameless, formless, selfless universal Self.

Even if we come to a stage that we are so tired with impermanence and all the unhappiness and suffering in life, and had lost all the faith on all the things so called “family”, “friendships”, “education”, “community”, “relationships”, “religion”, “belief”, “faith”, “ancient teachings”, “culture”, “myths”, “fairy tales”, “science”, “black magic”, “dharma”, “meditation”, “enlightenment”, “the Truth”, or “God”, and stop searching for anything, feeling so meaningless and exhausted, don’t want to believe in anything at all, and don’t care about what is going to happen to ourselves and the entire world anymore, we will always know that this selfless universal Self has never abandon us, never leave us, never condemn us, never judge us, never give up on us and never expecting anything from us. It's within and without. Without it, none exist even if all kinds of names and forms are selfless and impermanent.

It is forever here with us, being absolutely accepting us, accommodating us, and supporting us. It is our one and only greatest teacher and companion when the mind is still under the veil of ignorance, because all the other teachers and everything else (both living beings and non-living beings) that the mind perceives in this life existence is also a selfless impermanent limited and conditional manifestation of the selfless universal Self. There's no teacher or companion upon the vanished of the veil of ignorance. There is no separation between the selfless universal Self  (the one and only teacher and companion) and this selfless perceptive cognitive intellectual thinking mind with the selfless limited conditional physical body (the mind under the veil of ignorance), and everything else (all form of sentient living beings and non-sentient beings and objects).

'I' am that 'I' am. 'I' am not this, 'I' am not that. 'I' am everything. Everything is 'I'. That 'I' is the selfless identity-less Self. No name, no form, no shape, no colour, no sound, no smell, no taste, no sensation, no feeling, no thought, no good, no bad, no past, no future, no cause, no effect, no likes, no dislikes, no craving, no aversion, no attachment, no detachment, no purity, no impurity, no birth, no death, no beginning, no ending, no ignorance, no wisdom, no fear, no worry, no realization, no enlightenment, no happiness, no unhappiness, no suffering, no end of suffering. Emptiness is form. Form is emptiness. The Self is everything. Everything is the Self.

Free, unlimited, unconditional, eternal, content, peaceful, silence.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

When this selfless mind stops identifying with anything that is impermanent, and stop looking at other people’s good and bad, what other people do and don’t do, how other people act and react, and stop all the judging, comparing, competing, criticizing and expecting towards other people and this mind itself, there is peace immediately. No fear, worry, irritation, frustration, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, arrogance, low self-esteem, aggression, depression, dissatisfaction, disappointment, grief, sorrow and unhappiness. No more looking for something to fill up the “emptiness” in us or to get rid of something "undesirable", because the nature of all and everything are full, whole and content.

Because at the end, nothing really matters. The world will still be what it is. Everything will still be what it is. Everyone will still be what they are, either happy or unhappy, content or discontent, attaching or letting go. All are selfless and impermanent. If we want to change “the world”, we just need to change “ourselves”. It is our own perception of the mind that is moulding the world that we are having now. If this mind is not there, the world doesn’t exist for this mind that is not there. There is no world when there is no mind. The world is a projection of the selfless mind under its selfless function projected onto the selfless projector screen of the selfless reflective Self - the selfless universal consciousness. It is because of the selfless function of this mind and the senses, there is perception of pain, pleasure, comfort, discomfort, happy and unhappy, enjoyment and suffering. If this mind doesn’t know this, it will be in restlessness, unhappiness and suffering, full of fear, worry, craving, aversion, longing, clinging, irritation, frustration, anger, hatred, offensiveness, defensiveness, dissatisfaction and disappointment. None can control anything out there that is governed by the nature's law of cause and effect, but this mind can have self-control over itself, to discipline, purify and quiet itself, to realize selflessness, transcending the selfless impermanent changes that is not in the control of anyone or anything.

The only existence is the present moment now from moment to moment where the selfless intentionless reflective awareness is. The past and the future doesn’t exist in this present moment now. We can only explain that now is the future for the past, and now is the past for the future. But the only existence is the present moment. Time, or past/present/future, or births and deaths, or existence and non-existence, is only existing in the form of a false impression deriving from the ceaseless impermanent changes and motions or movements. If there is no manifestation of selfless impermanent names and forms that give rise of ceaseless selfless impermanent changes, motions or movements in the vast space of the universe, it's timeless.

By knowing this, this mind is sharing this knowledge or understanding with others through giving yoga classes and giving dharma talk without the limitation of time and space. Anywhere and anytime this awareness is not separated from yoga and dharma. Even when it seems like there's no actions being performed, yoga and dharma is there all the time for anyone that is in need of yoga and dharma. Life is not separated from yoga and dharma. The entire selfless impermanent life existence is yoga and dharma. It is not something that we do, or believe, or practice, it is what life is, selflessly reflecting the truth of everything as it is, which is selflessness and impermanence.

This mind is learning unceasingly while teaching. There's neither gain nor loss in the action of sharing or teaching. There is no gain and no loss. The path is no more just a path for this mind to walk on, but it is already one with this mind and not separated from this mind. This mind is no longer doing the practice, but it is the practice and the teachings itself.

When this mind “dedicated” itself to yoga and dharma, it is surrendering to the selfless Self, surrendering to all and everything, because all and everything is not separated from yoga and dharma. Yoga and dharma is not separated from the selfless Self. When this mind is no longer separated from the Self, there is no more “dedication”. Because all are the selfless Self, all are yoga, all are dharma.

Stop looking for the differences in everything or finding distinction between everything. Look for the one sameness in everything. Stop finding faults or imperfection in everything. Look for the unchanging one same nature in everything behind all the selfless impermanent names and forms. There is no 'I' in all and everything. All are selfless. You will be free.

May all beings be happy.

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